If you read Highlights magazine as a kid, then you remember how fun and challenging their puzzles were. Trying to find those hidden words could keep an otherwise energetic kid sitting calmly for hours, poring over the pictures to solve them.

You don’t need to be a kid to have fun with these kinds of puzzles; adults can join the fun, too! They are still incredibly fun for grown-ups, and the ones in Highlights are about as good as it gets!

Let’s see how you tackle these brain-bending challenges now that you’re all grown up!

1. Each of these images has six hidden words. Can you find them? Some of them are extremely obvious—they just jump right off the page!—while others take some time to locate.


Answers: Book, Novel, Pages, Read, Story, Words

2. It’s harder than it looks! At the end, however, you will feel accomplished for having spotted each and every word. Sometimes these puzzles are just what you need in your day!


Answers: Clouds, Damp, Puddle, Showers, Stormy, Wet

3. They definitely test your attention to detail. You have to look carefully at just about every corner of the image to find every single word that is hidden. Some of these puzzles take a while!


Answers: Boots, Chill, Frost, Ice, Mittens, Snow

4. You may not see all six words at first glance. Sure, some of them, like “Party,” jump out at you right away, but others are going to require some time. Usually the theme will give you clues!


Answers: Cheese, Hungry, Music, Party, Red, Yummy

5. It may take a few minutes. That’s okay, though, because the fun little illustrations are bright and colorful, and they’re pretty fun on their own. No harm in taking your time looking!


Answers: Bloom, Dig, Farm, Garden, Seed, Vine

6. Finishing all of these could take a few hours! When that happens, it might be best just to take a step back, and do something else for a little while. Sometimes coming back to it helps.


Answers: Cow, Guitar, Iowa, Laugh, Orange, Wow

7. Trust us, the words are there! You just have to keep looking and using those eyes of yours! A little perseverance can go a really long way when it comes to puzzles like these.


Answers: Chill, Cold, Frost, Ice, Sled, Toboggan

8. No cheating! The most rewarding way to finish any of these is to just work through them on your own. If you make that happen, you will feel so much more accomplished for it!


Answers: Cat, Cord, Couch, Mirror, Straw, Tiles

9. Don’t give up! Keep chugging through to the end! These might be hard, as far as word searches go, but they’re also super fun. What better way to spend your free time?


Answers: Boy, Fish, Hot, Nice, Tree, Wave

10. Can you find these words? We promise they are all there waiting to be discovered. Thank you Highlights for giving us all of these fun and colorful puzzles to solve. They’re awesome!


Answers: Cool, Cut, Man, See, Snow, Tell

These puzzles have a total of 60 words hiding in them. If you found all of them, give yourself a pat on the back. You did better than us!

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