Some things just naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs and buns, and cookies and milk. Then there are things that don’t seem like they could go together… but when they do, something magical happens.

That was the case when one woman decided she wanted to revamp her garden décor. Rather than heading to her local nursery or garden store for matching planters and the like, she came up with a DIY project that was so unusual, it’ll have you scratching your head… until you actually see the final result.

The project? Well, it involved old towels… and concrete. While this isn’t a combo you’d imagine working for any reason, they actually make for a bizarrely beautiful match!

One woman wanted to revamp her outdoor décor. Naturally, it needed to be DIY! So she came up with a truly unusual combination—which you’ll see below. They’re the only things you’ll need to transform your front porch or garden into something truly beautiful! Make sure you have Miracle-Gro, a drill, two five-gallon plastic buckets, concrete… and old bath towels, which will be crucial for this project.


Armed with a pair of gloves, fill half of a five-gallon bucket with concrete and enough water for it to appear a little “soupier” than normal. Keep in mind that this is a project you’ll definitely want to tackle outside, so wait until there is a sunny day in the forecast!


Now, grab an old towel that you’d like to use for this project, and dip it into the bucket of concrete. You’ll want to cover every inch of the towel in the concrete mixture; it should be drenched and have a nice even coating. Flip your second five-gallon bucket upside-down and drape your towel over it, making sure that the ends are touching the floor. Do a spot-check and touch up any parts of the towel that aren’t covered with concrete. It looks weird, we know, but trust us… the best is yet to come!


Now you’ll want to wait 24 to 48 hours for your towel to dry. The towel should feel stiff and dry to the touch when you test it. If it still feels wet, it simply needs more time. Once it’s dry, carefully drill two holes in the bottom. Can you guess what you’re making yet? That’s right—it’s a planter! The two holes will help with drainage for your flowers.


Now you have a beautiful flower planter! It looks less like a traditional planter you might buy at a store and more like a fancy piece of modern art. Plus, it’s easy and cheap to make! This planter is sure to be a real conversation starter.


You can even paint the planter once it’s dry and really make it your own! While the rustic, DIY look of the concrete itself is attractive in its own right, it’s really easy to paint if you’re going for a different look. Pastels are always lovely, or you could spring for something a little more bold, like neon pink and orange. On the other hand, darker shades will really make the blooms pop. It’s all up to you!


If this project has you looking for more cool and unique ways of making your backyard and garden look amazing, you’re in the right place. Another really great way to decorate your planters is to use old pallets like this! The only limit to how they can look is your imagination.

Easy-Backyard-Projects-1DIY Projects

Upcycling old items is an environmentally friendly way to update your home and garden. While you’re at it, you can whip up something cute and fun for the kids, too—like this tiny seesaw. It’s a great way to use scrap wood and that old tire that’s been an eyesore in your front yard. Plus, it’s a great way for kids to stay busy while you pull weeds!

Easy-Backyard-Projects-feature-750x420Diy Projects

If you want to create a sitting area in your garden for those warm summer nights, you’re going to need some light. Try using old bottles like these to make your very own Tiki torches—they’re equal parts practical and cool! Everyone will want to know where you found those chic “lamps.”

Easy-Backyard-Projects-2DIY Projects

No outdoor garden or backyard is quite complete without lots of comfortable seating. You don’t need to spend a fortune either. Just create a cushion out of your favorite fabric and foam, and assemble painted cinder blocks and wooden slats! The finished result is just awesome.
Easy-Backyard-Projects-9DIY Projects

Here’s another finishing touch that will make your garden or backyard really sing. You know all of those seashells you and the kids have been collecting for years every time you visit the beach? Now’s the time to put them to work! String them up on a branch, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, beachy wind chime!

Easy-Backyard-Projects-10DIY Project

Who would have thought that it’d be so easy to make such incredible—and customizable—outdoor décor items? Those cement-towel planters are truly remarkable.

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