Police Make A Routine Traffic Stop… And Discover A Kidnapped Woman In The Trunk

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When police pull somebody over for a traffic stop, often they’re looking for something in particular, like evidence of drunk driving, for instance. However, they might be searching for something less specific, or feeling out whether anything seems “off” about the situation.

Any number of factors can tip off the authorities that things are not quite as they appears to be, but some hints and clues are significantly more suspicious than others…

When police in Brazil pulled over a vehicle during a normal traffic stop, they immediately got a sense from the behavior of the two men in the car that all was not right. Nothing in the car seemed strange at first glance… but then they heard a noise come from the trunk…

During a routine traffic stop in Brazil, police believed two men driving a small white vehicle were acting suspiciously and detained them in order to search the car. At first glance, nothing in the car seemed particularly suspicious, but then they heard an odd noise…


…And that’s when they got the biggest shock of their lives.


Thank goodness the police realized that something about the situation was off! That poor woman must have been absolutely terrified…

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