They say that, should you be caught outside in a lightning storm, one of the worst places to seek shelter is underneath a tree. In fact, your best bet is to crouch low to the ground, out in the open.

While it might seem like a tree would provide the cover you need, the truth is that you could be setting yourself up for some serious trouble. There’s no better evidence of the potential for disaster this scenario poses than what Missouri resident Jim Probst captured on film in a St. Louis cemetery recently.

Let’s just say that it’s good no people were standing under this tree when it was struck by lightning…

When a bolt of lightning struck a tree in a St. Louis cemetery, Jim Probst was on the scene to record the aftermath.


It looked like a door to hell had been opened up.


The closer Jim got, the crazier this thing looked. Just watch when he walks around the tree…

That is seriously intense! Good thing no one was around when that lightning actually hit. Hopefully, everyone in the area knew how to stay safe in a storm.

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