Scientists still haven’t discovered all the creatures living in the ocean. Psychologists have yet to really explain what dreaming is, or the significance of it. Physicists don’t even truly understand how gravity works. Basically, we encounter things on a daily basis that are totally inexplicable.

We’ve come to accept that there are things beyond our understanding. Now, however, with the accessibility of cameras, we can capture some of these bizarre phenomena to see if anyone else out there may have answers to our lives’ daily mysteries. Can you figure out these “inexplicable” images?

1. It may very well be a “dog eat dog world,” but sometimes it can also be a “dog nap girl world.? It’s undetermined whether this is a dog-headed girl or a girl-bodied dog. Either way, those sleepy eyes look like they need a good snooze.

2. This woman could really use a hand. No, seriously imagine trying to set up a camp chair with your feet, let alone pitch a tent. She is a true camping inspiration. Just wait until you see what she can do while hiking!

3. There is a loooong history of cow raising in France. Just by looking at this French cow, you can tell their history goes way back. Either that, or they’re feeding them something really special over there. Je ne sais pas.

4. Most people don’t know that Toyota came out with a line of disappearing sedans. Unfortunately, they were quickly recalled due to a glitch in the front bumper invisibility. However, by that time, many people had trouble even finding where they parked their car.

5. We all know a two-headed dog is pretty scary, but it turns out a two-bodied dog is just as unnerving. Keep in mind while looking to adopt a dog, a two-headed husky is one breed that might not be so good with children.

6. Bro on top, babe on bottom. This (insert preferred pronoun) knows how to work it from all angles. Feminine? Masculine? Why not both of ’em! It’s 2019, take a walk on the wild side with your fine legs.

7. The stoicism of watch guards is already impressive, but a one-legged watchman? We salute you, sir. With that sense of duty, there’s no doubt he’s a standup guy. Although, he might have a bit more trouble when it comes to the marching.

8. Is it a cat or a crow? It’s hard to be sure, but it would probably be best not to make any sudden movements. This mysterious creature looks like he has the potential to go a little Hitchcock if he gets offended.

9. Look who’s walking now! She’ll probably grow into those tootsies eventually, but in the meantime, she will have a very sturdy foundation for getting up on her feet for the first time. It just may be a little tricky finding baby shoes in her size.

10. Run, run for your lives! The monkeys have finally realized that all they needed to conquer earth was to somehow become giants and they’ve done it! Run!  

11. Who needs an innertube when you are river Jesus? He may not be able to “walk” on water, but he can superman that surface all day long. Let’s just hope the water is deep enough that he doesn’t bottom out on any sharp rocks.

12. This guy went a little overboard with the whole trying to stay hydrated thing. He would have made a run for the bathroom, but those fountain chairs are in high demand, and he wasn’t about to lose that precious real estate. 

13. Everybody loves a good head scratch as they’re dozing off. This kid was so relaxed with his scalp rubs he didn’t even seem concerned with who was doing it… which was probably a good thing. No one wants to wake up to a ghost hand on their head.

14. Just because you need a van for practical purposes doesn’t mean you can’t still have your sportscar, too. And if you’re going to have a hot sports car, you may as well throw in a driver!

15. This dog may look cute and innocent from far away, but once he opens his mouth all people hear is, “I’m a pa-ran-ha, I’m from the Amazon.” The point is, don’t mess with anyone packing chompers like this.

16. This guy was feeling a little short-handed at work so he attended a convention to see if he could get some extra support. By the look on his face, it seems he’s still a little skeptical of the contenders — or maybe he’s just bitter about their biceps.

17. Beautiful! Fabulous! Okay, your paw is around her shoulder, looks like everyone is in the frame. Now give a thumbs up if everyone is feeling photo ready. And on the count of three, everyone say, “bone!”

18. Woah, this guy is really setting a high bar here. Look, his mixology skills are probably top notch and all, but let’s be real — those legs are the true crowd driver here. He has people coming back for more all night long. 

19. People couldn’t stop talking about what a hoot the Smith’s wedding was. While most people worry about the bride getting cold feet, no one ever considered that the groom’s head would turn into an owl and take off mid-ceremony.

20. The zebra-woman is a rare hybrid, usually only emerging for brief periods in the early spring. This young kid was lucky enough to catch a sighting of the regal creature and take a snap for the ‘gram.

21. Some photos, while not eye tricking, can still make you think! If Sia can swing from the chandelier, then “duckgonit” this quacker can, too! It’s a free world, and it turns out the lighting is best from above anyway. Who knew?

22. She was so tired of everyone looking at her with that blank stare. She had no connection with the world, just quietly monitoring everyone else around her was bringing her down. It’s all in your head, they told her, just all in your head…

23. In this high stakes game, Goldie is really going to have to think outside the tank in order to defeat this guy. He looks like he means serious business. Unfortunately, she seems to be a little bit cornered.

24. Speaking of fish… ever get the feeling something fishy is happening at your bank? You feel like it’s right in front of your face, but you’re still not quite sure what it is. Well, if you see this at your local branch, something fishy is definitely going on.

25. In the cat matrix, you really have to shout to have your voice heard. But everyone else is shouting too… screaming cats over and over, for infinity. Definitely should have taken the blue pill.

26. They tried to let him down lightly, but he still took it hard. “Dude, we like you and all, you just can’t hang with us.” Poor guy should have gone with the tangerine outfit, everyone knows they’re the friendliest fruit.

27. Who needs pseudo wood paneling and leather upholstery when you can have cured meat — steering the latest in premium car features. Autopilot can take the back seat, it’s all about that pepperoni pilot moving forward!

28. Some boys really love their toys, and sometimes those boys grow into men who love their toys so much, they take them to bed. And that is how you end up co-sleeping with your motorcycle on a mattress in the living room of your parents’ house. Priorities, man.

29. These noble civilians took it upon themselves to straighten out the sidewalks for their fellow pedestrians. Day after day, rain or shine, they would walk the streets carrying out their civic duty- and their irons, too.

30. These sandals appear to be on lockdown. Flip-flop thieves run rampant in certain parts of the world. Well, maybe they don’t run. One can’t really run in floppers. Nonetheless, better to be safe than sorry.

31. You might not be able to stop “pot-heads” from being on the road, but you can demand that they at least let someone else drive. Users beware, when it goes to your head, pots are known to impair vision and incite feelings of claustrophobia.

32. This latest version of the iPhone had people all over the world stop “wok-ing” and start running to stores to get it first. And you know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it.

33. There’s so much going on in this photo, we’re not even sure where to start. Is that a bear riding in a sidecar? Is that a guardian angel? Oh my goodness, is this heaven?!

34. In a desperate effort to reduce his carbon footprint and find an alternative energy source, this man found the answer right in his own mini-fridge. Perfectly fitted AA carrots. The patent is still pending, but someone call Al Gore about this one!

35. When most people get home from the office, they like to unwind by slipping into something more comfortable. Of course, “comfortable” means different things to different people. Just ask this guy!

36. Some people just struggle with acceptance. Let it go — new ‘do, new you! You’ve earned that sophisticated, polished look. Now, rock it proudly. Plus, those before and after blowout pics are going to be really disappointing…

37. Note to self, never attempt to make breakfast before the coffee is finished brewing. Let’s hope that morning cup percolates fast, because taking a bite out of this really would make your phone toast. Probably your teeth, too.

38. Hey, not sure if you remember this little thing. It’s from like way back in elementary school, but it’s something like, STOP DROP AND ROLL! Or like, get a bucket of water at least. You need to cool off, man.

39. Wow, check out this croc-ed out duo. Clearly, this wasn’t an accidental outfit match. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when dogs were dogs and literally no one wore Crocs. Especially not on their heads!

40. We can’t all talk the talk and walk the walk. But most of us can probably handle talking the talk and squatting to wok. Plus, when done correctly, you get stir fry! So maybe that’s the way to go after all.

41. It’s hard to say which part of this photo is stranger: the naked people dressed as mimes or the fact that they are contemplating the… dark side of a cat. Try not to think about this one too hard or it may haunt your dreams.