Every time you take a picture, you’re hoping to capture a single moment in time. Happy memories like weddings and birthdays are great examples, as are other, more unpredictable events.

Sometimes, though, you look back at those cherished images and see something you didn’t notice when you took it. And once you do, it changes everything you thought about that time in your life!

Whether it’s a weird angle, a trick of the light, or something that just can’t be explained, the optical illusions in these 14 photos will have you doing a double take to figure out what exactly is going on…

1. Depending on whose hand that is, this becomes a very different photo. Even if we accept the fact that, in all likelihood, it’s the young man with his hand on his crotch, it’s still a pretty weird pose for a photo, isn’t it?

2. It looks like he’s taking her head clean off… but at least she seems happy about it! It all starts to make more sense once you see the woman in the background facing away from the camera. What a coincidence!


3. It might take you just a little bit too long to figure out that this woman doesn’t have three legs. That thing to the left is actually just a strange vase that coincidentally matches her stockings and the shape of her leg perfectly!


4. Don’t worry, everybody: this dog is totally fine, and he is not, in fact, getting stabbed by the leg of this table. He’s just really fluffy! Besides, he sure would look remarkably calm for a dog who just got impaled…


5. Similarly, this cat did not actually manage to fit his entire mouth over that thick pipe. He’s just resting his head on top of it to create the optical illusion… although this would make a great party trick if it were real! 


6. One of these things is not like the other—but the weirdest part about the whole scene is the guy hiding in the background. The people in the foreground are doing some classic Pokémon cosplay, but who is that mysterious photographer?


7. Not the best advertising, is it? To be fair, if you have a sign like that right on your vehicle, you’re really just asking for trouble. All you need is one big pot hole and, well, you’re gonna end up like this.


8. “Honey, the horse got into the house again! Yes, I know you want to train him to be an ‘indoor horse,’ but as I keep saying, that’s not actually a thing. Horses just don’t belong in apartment buildings!” Neigh, they most certainly do not.


9. Lesson number one of kitchen photo shoots? Absolutely no live animals. Nobody cares how cute the animals are or even how thoroughly you clean the blender after a rodent has been sitting in it. It’s still pretty unsanitary, so don’t do it!


10. How many of this man are there? As he pensively stares out into the distance, it seems that he is wondering that himself. Also, does anybody think it’s weird that he’s not reading, listening to, or watching anything on the train?


11. This one is probably going to take you a while to figure out, but if you pay close attention to what these swimmers are wearing, you’ll realize that something is a bit fishy. Do you notice anything funny about those women’s “bathing suits?”


12. Whatever is happening in this photograph is not entirely clear. Sure, it’s most likely that the image is just flipped upside-down, but boy does that cat look calm for one that’s been placed on the ceiling!


13. What kind of sorcery is this? Are there actually two giraffes here, simply facing opposite directions from each other? Or is it just one giraffe with an absurdly flexible neck, even by the magnificent standards of a giraffe?


14. It’s good to have options, especially when you own whatever a “dog cat” is. Could they be related to the 1998 children’s cartoon Catdog? Speaking of, what, exactly, is an “attack hamster?” It sounds terrifying!


Next time you stop for a photo-op, just make sure everything is what it seems! Otherwise, things might get weird.

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