Urban legends have a way of captivating us. While it’s easy to write them off, perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to do so…after all, some have origins in the past that, though weird, are actually true.

These seven urban legends have been around for ages, and while some people are quick to deny and question, others have found that there is some truth to each one. Just take a look for yourself…

1. The Buckley kids

urban-tales-1Wizard Varnish

When the Buckley children were looking for an activity to do on Halloween, they decided to behead their own mother. They used her limbs as decorations.

2. Kuchisake-onna

urban-tales-2Img Stomp

The wife of a Japanese samurai, Kuchisake-onna had her face cut from ear to ear by her own husband. She hid the scars on her face by using a surgical mask when she went out in public. She used to ask people if they thought she was beautiful before revealing her frightening scars to people at social gatherings.

3. Decomposing bodies under the bed


From the mid 1990s to the mid 2000s, there were several reports of people checking into hotel rooms only to find dead and rotting bodies underneath their beds. There were confirmed cases in Miami in 1994, Pasadena in 1996, and in Kansas City in 2003.

4. Psychic Japan

urban-tales-4Hype Feeds

While filming the Japanese television program “Psychic Japan,” viewers noticed something unusual. There was a girl seen in the crowd with a more than tilted neck.

5. The Cooper family


The Cooper family had just moved into their new home in the American suburbs when they decided to take some family photos. When they got them developed, they noticed what appeared to be an obvious ghost hanging from the ceiling in their dining room.

6. Russian skin

urban-tales-6Img stomp

A long time ago in Russia, the body of a man was found dangling from a tree. While his skin had been removed, investigators have said that animals were NOT suspected to have had anything to do with it.

7. Rural Iowa


Police have yet to identify the suspect who mutilated 27 corpses in the 1960s and left them to be discovered in the woods in rural Iowa.

Well, I’ll be sleeping with the covers over my head tonight. These are way too freaky to forget!

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