Everyone is afraid  of something. From a simple fear of spiders to more bizarre phobias like tetraphobia — that’s the fear of the number four — there’s at least one thing in the world that really makes your skin crawl.

But there’s one fear that’s so strange and unexpected that it stands out in terms of sheer weirdness. It’s a condition called Trypophobia, and it’s scarier than you can imagine.

Trypophobia, or “fear of holes,” was first described in 2005.

1-trypophobiaLeo Reynolds/Flickr

People claim to experience Trypophobia when looking at holes of all kinds, whether they’re man-made objects like stacked industrial pipes or aerated chocolate or naturally occurring sights like a honeycomb or lotus seed head.


While such images seem harmless to us, they can induce skin-related bodily symptoms (like goosebumps or itchiness), cognitive changes like anxiety, and even physiological changes like a racing heart, nausea, or shortness of breath.


One theory is that these images are more difficult to process for some people. They require more brain oxygenation because they cannot be processed efficiently by the brain!

4-trypophobiaMichelle M.F/Flickr

Scientists are currently investigating why some people are more sensitive to the presence of holes than others. So if holes don’t make you uncomfortable, consider yourself lucky!

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