When two people are engaged in a heated argument or fight, it can be difficult to break them up. Many third parties don’t want to get involved, either because it’s “none of their business” or because they’re afraid of getting hurt themselves.

The same goes for animals. The animal kingdom is cutthroat, with members of the same species often competing for food, territory, and mates. There’s a reason why they call it a “dog-eat-dog” kind of world, after all: it’s undeniably violent, especially since animals primarily rely on their instincts… and, naturally, there’s not much negotiating going on.

Well, except in one case, at least. After two roosters, locked in a ferocious battle, took their beef to the yard, a truly unexpected peacemaker rushed in to mediate.

Roosters are highly territorial animals, and when the alpha male feels threatened by another, he’ll have no problem answering the challenge with a good, old-fashioned cockfight.


Here, a red rooster has challenged a black rooster—the big man on campus, if you will—to a duel. Whether it’s to reestablish pecking order or to rule the entire roost is unknown. All we know is that this battle surely won’t end well until a victor is crowned.


The two roosters crow, beat their wings, dart into the air, and slash at each other with their spurs. Whatever the black rooster did to offend the red one must have been bad, that’s for sure.


After charging at each other in a fury of feathers and talons, they settle into their attack positions… and do it all over again. It certainly doesn’t seem like this fight is going to end anytime soon.


…That is, until someone else wants to put in his two cents. Watch what happens when a large and very-much-in-charge animal decides that enough was enough!

That big guy sure knows how to break up a fight! It almost looked like he was acting like a poultry police officer! Hopefully, these two roosters were able to eventually settle their differences.

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