For eight years, Bob Tallinger was the most popular greeter at the Walmart in Waukashaw, Wisconsin. It was a badge of honor that he cherished—almost as much as the work itself.

Sadly, everything came crashing down for the 88-year-old greeter once a particularly unsavory gentleman waddled into the store on his watch. The fellow who caused such a stir wasn’t some dangerous rogue or bandit. No, he was something far less intimidating… but certainly trouble nonetheless.

For allowing him to walk into the store, however, Bob was tragically let go from his beloved position. He wasn’t going to let the Walmart management have the last word, however!

In his eight years as a greeter at the Waukashaw, Wisconsin WalMart, Bob Tallinger had built up a reputation as a good guy. In fact, he was known for being the most popular greeter the store had ever employed! There was no doubting that he loved his job and he was great at it.


Then, one fateful day, a very strange customer up and waddled through the automatic doors, right past the 88-year-old Bob. Rather than alert management, all he could do was watch in awe at the odd scene.


For letting this weird event happen, the beloved greeter was actually fired by the management. So, just who was it who walked through the doors on Bob’s watch that could have led to him losing his beloved job? Well, about that…


The unwanted shopper was actually… a wild turkey! When the confused bird had wandered through into the Waukashaw Walmart, straight past Bob’s watchful gaze, he’d sealed the greeter’s fate.


Fellow employees and customers at the Walmart store weren’t pleased to hear that management had fired their favorite greeter. Not long after, the local TV news got involved, and that’s when the story really blew up.


All Bob wanted was his job back. Still, the Walmart—and the corporate office—was holding firm that he wouldn’t be allowed back. Bob and his wife, Janet, had a little something to say to the folks who took his job…

Luckily, while the Walmart was determined not to let Bob come back to work for them, another store decided to step in with a job offer. According to a Facebook post from Bob’s granddaughter, Jessica, he can now be found working at the St. Vincent De Paul Society of Waukesha County!

07-wild-turkey-walmartJessica Tallinger / Facebook

It’s such a shame that Bob lost his job for such a silly incident, but at least he’s back to work! Hopefully, these managers will appreciate what he brings to their business!

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