It’s more or less understood that the exteriors of the buildings in TV shows bear little relationship to the interior spaces we see the characters live and work in on screen. Still, there’s something cool about seeing the actual houses from our favorite shows in real life.

If you’ve ever wondered where a TV house really is, or how much it would actually cost, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered the info on some of TV’s most famous homes, and it’s eye-opening!

1. Breaking Bad


Address: 3828 Piedmont Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Price: $211,388

The current owner of the house says that the inside is nothing like what we see on the show, but it does have that pool out back!

2. Happy Days


Address: 565 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Price: $3,161,964

The Cunninghams lived in Milwaukee, but the real house is about 2,000 miles away in Los Angeles. Sadly, there’s also no Fonz living above the garage keeping things cool.

3. Six Feet Under


Address: 2302 W 25th Street, Los Angeles, California
Price: $1,305,726

This Victorian home was built in 1905. With 6,324 square feet and five bedrooms, it’s very roomy…but maybe not spacious enough to house an operational funeral home.

4. American Horror Story: Murder House


Address: 1120 Westchester Place, Los Angeles, California
Price: $2,264,829

This house is known as the Rosenheim Mansion, and it’s been featured in numerous TV shows and movies. At one time it was a recording studio, but these days it’s a vacation rental if you’re interested!

5. Boy Meets World


Address: 4196 Calfax Avenue, Studio City, California
Price: $1,156,754

The Matthews home is very close to the CBS Studio lot where most of the show was filmed, and despite what’s depicted on screen, the house actually only has two bedrooms!

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Address: 1313 Cota Avenue, Torrance, California
Price: $750,534

Buffy’s house is actually pretty spacious with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Plus, it’s right down the block from Torrance High School, which was the exterior of Sunnydale High.

7. The Brady Bunch


Address: 11222 Dilling Street, North Hollywood, California
Price: $1,782,141

In terms of the TV layout not matching the actual house, this is one of the worst offenders. However, the five-bedroom home has actually had the same owners since 1973, when they bought it for $61,000.

8. Modern Family


Address: 10336 Dunleer Drive, Los Angeles, California
Price: $2,252,166

The Dunphys’ house is located in the affluent Cheviot Hills neighborhood, and its layout is actually close to the way its depicted in the show.

9. Family Matters


Address: 1516 West Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
Price: $221,243

The Winslow residence isn’t actually a single family home at all but two separate three-bedroom homes. We’re betting if Steve Urkel had known, he would have moved into the other space!

10. The Golden Girls


Address: 245 N Saltair Avenue, Los Angeles, California
Price: $3,310,708

Although the ladies from the show live in south Florida, the four-bedroom, four-bathroom ranch-style house is right in Los Angeles (as are almost all of the other filming locations from the show).

11. Mad Men


Address: 675 Arden Road, Pasadena, California
Price: $2,021,754

The Draper home was ostensibly in Ossinig, New York, but the house used for the exterior shots is actually 3,000 miles across the country in Pasadena, and it no longer has the iconic red front door.

12. Step by Step


Address: 2011 Fletcher Avenue, South Pasadena, California
Price: $1,590,190

This three-bedroom house wouldn’t actually be big enough to fit all the Fosters and the Lamberts, and with only .27 acres, cousin Cody’s trailer isn’t fitting in the yard either.

13. 7th Heaven


Address: 527 Alta Avenue, Santa Monica, California
Price: $6,781,269

Though it sits on a relatively small lot, this home has an impressive twelve rooms in total, as well as a pool and tennis court out back!

14. Roseanne


Address: 619 South Runnymeade Avenue, Evansville, Indiana
Price: $110,735

The Connors’ house has four bedrooms and about 2,000 square feet of space. It’s actually not much of a family home at all though, since it’s usually occupied by students from the nearby University of Evansville.

15. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Address: 251 North Bristol Avenue, Los Angeles, California
Price: $11,634,932

The Banks family’s beautiful home isn’t actually located in Bel-Air at all but is in the neighboring Brentwood community, which we’re told is equally as posh.

16. Full House


Address: 1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco, California
Price: $3,901,902

Located in the most expensive real estate market in the country, the Tanner family home is actually available to rent right now — if you can afford the $13,000-per-month price tag.

17. The Wonder Years


Address: 516 University Avenue, Burbank, California
Price: $894,775

The show was always intentionally vague about where the Arnolds lived, but the home used for the exterior shots is located in Burbank. Sadly, the real kitchen probably doesn’t change slightly every year.

Some of these are really lovely homes! Do you think the people who live there deal with lots of fans making pilgrimages to see them in person?

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