Twins have, what some might argue as, the strongest connection in the world. People have long been fascinated by the bond that they share. Some twins might look identical but choose to live entirely different lives, while other twins prefer to try and be as similar to their twin as is possible.

For Brittany and Briana Deane, identical twin sisters from Virginia, looking the same and being twins was central to their identities. From a young age, they even dreamed of marrying another set of twins in a fairy-tale wedding together. When they met their Prince Charmings, however, their love stories became something no one’s ever seen before…

Brittany and Briana Deane are 31-year-old identical twin sisters from the state of Virginia. They’ve been “built-in best friends” since the day they were born and basically do everything together, including coordinating their outfits.

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Their whole life they’ve dreamed, like any other “singleton” (non-twins), about finding love and getting married. Except the twins dream came with a hitch: they said they would only get married if they found love with another set of twins.

According to the Center for Disease Control in the United States for the year 2017, only 3.3% of births resulted in twins. That drastically decreased the number of eligible bachelors for Brittany and Briana, not to mention the logistics of assuming both sets of twins would find love with one another.

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This small detail in their life posed no challenge to the Deane twins as they were determined to have their happily ever after. So, where else is a better place to find their Prince Charmings than the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio?

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This convention is the “largest annual gathering of twins (and other multiples) in the world” taking place the first weekend in August every year. Officials estimate that about 2,000 sets of twins from around the world attend the event.

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So, since 2011, Brittany and Briana have been trekking from their home in Virginia to the festival grounds in Ohio — not only to interact with other twins like themselves, but to hopefully find love…with twins.

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In 2017, Brittany and Briana got their matching outfits together and made their way to Twinsburg, Ohio, as usual, but neither of them expected their lives to change forever that weekend.

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Once there, they made it a point to mingle and keep their eyes out for single twins their age. Suddenly, Briana grabbed Brittany’s wrist, something the twins do when they’re excited, and Brittany instantly knew what Briana was trying to convey.

Across the room were two handsome young men that looked about the same age as the Deane twins. Brittany and Briana admired from afar, but didn’t approach them. Could these two men really be the twins they’ve been looking for their whole life?

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As it turns out, the twins, Josh and Jeremy Salyers, have never attended the Twins Day Festival before 2017. This was the first year that they decided to travel all the way from Tennessee to Ohio for the festivities. 

After that initial sighting, the girls didn’t spot the boys again until the closing night party. Like a movie, the Salyers twins spotted the Deane twins from across the room, smiled, and gravitated towards them. 

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The pairs hung out all night and when they left, they exchanged Facebook accounts. Josh and Jeremy messaged the twins expressing how it was nice to meet them and hoped to bump into them next year at the festival. But Brittany and Briana seemed to have other plans for them…

They messaged back saying, “Why wait?” The brothers agreed and took a road trip from their home in Tennessee to the girl’s home in Virginia. The trip was quite magical because upon leaving all four of their minds were made up.

Brittany fell in love with Josh and Briana fell in love with Jeremy. The girls’ happy ending was falling into place — who knew there was another set of twins who felt so strongly about being with twins as well?

The Deane and Salyers twins knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. So, on February 2, 2018, Josh and Jeremy got down on one knee (well, two knees) and proposed to Brittany and Briana. 

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They, of course, said yes and began planning their joint ceremony! What better weekend to wed than the Twins Days Festival? That August of 2018, all of the Deane and Salyers’ family and friends traveled to where it all began: Twinsburg, Ohio.

The two pairs got married in front of the festival and their closest loved ones in a wedding extravaganza they called, “Twice Upon a Time.” And yes, there were two officiants (also twins) who wed Josh and Brittany AND Jeremy and Briana in holy matrimony.

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That’s not the craziest part of this whole story though. The four of them also want to reside in the same house and raise their children as one unit! Not only will their children be cousins, but they will be genetic siblings as well.

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With any luck, each couple will produce a set of identical twins to add to their “Twice Upon A Time” fairy-tale life. Seems like the odds may be in their favor,  but only time will tell what fate has in store this big family.

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TLC got wind of this one-in-a-million story, and decided to film their special day. If you want to catch a glimpse of this double wedding, keep an eye out in early 2019 for this quadruple love on your TV screen!

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The odds of twins finding love with another set of twins is close to none. What a magical, true story indeed!

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