The aquarium is a very special place. It gives us the chance to interact with dolphins, sharks, and other sea animals that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see up close.

It’s not uncommon to find large groups of people gathering around particularly rare animal’s tanks, stunned by the magnificent sea life they’re observing. Sometimes, though, it seems like the aquatic creatures we go to visit are just as interested in getting a close-up look at us as we are fascinated by them!

That’s exactly what happened at the Oceanografic — an aquarium in Valencia, Spain — when a sea lion became fascinated with a particular object that a woman was carrying. You have to see what this sea lion does…

Anton Juhant was at the Oceanografic aquarium with his family in Spain recently when something spectacular happened.


Anton’s family was drawn to the sea lion tank…


…And the sea lion took a particular interest in Anton’s family. You have to see how the sea lion reacts when she pulls out her umbrella…

What a cutie! That sea lion just wanted to show off his dance moves!

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