There are some jobs that are largely under-appreciated and unnoticed—especially when they’re being done properly. They include everything from fast-food service to farmers to the tedious (and necessary) work of the cleaning staff at our offices.

This is also true of police officers. The most important part of their jobs is to make sure we’re protected by enforcing laws, but due to the nature of their role in society, many people feel animosity and fear towards them.

Officer Rance Quinn of the Kansas City Police Department felt that no one had any idea just how hard he and his colleagues worked to keep their city safe. That is, until he and Captain George Sims stopped for a meal at Chili’s… and got the biggest surprise of their lives.

Police officers have incredibly difficult jobs, and dangerous ones at that. Like the rest of us, though, even the most hardworking officers of the law need a good break every now and then. That was certainly the case for Officer Rance Quinn and Captain George Sims of the Kansas City Police Department.


Quinn and Sims were in the middle of their lunch at a local Chili’s when a teenaged girl unexpectedly approached their booth. She didn’t say anything, so the police officers were on guard as they wondered what she was planning.


But the girl wasn’t acting malicious. She paused just long enough to place a folded-up napkin on their table, and then ran off before they could speak to her. What did she want? And why did she run? The officers were certainly curious as they unfolded the napkin.


So, what was written on this mysterious napkin? It was only five simple words, but they turned out to be just the thing that Officer Quinn and Captain Sims needed to see: “Thanks for keeping us safe.” What a kind gesture, not to mention a pleasant surprise!

03-cop-gets-noteFacebook / Kansas City Police Department

It’s clear that this simple message meant a great deal to the officers, particularly Officer Quinn. Watch the video below to learn about the sweet thing that he did with the napkin after he left the restaurant!

To top it all off, the police officers received a free lunch… and they deserved every bite of it! After all, these are the real heroes! Superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man are great, but at the end of the day, it’s your local police in your lives every day.

1-policeNick Allen / Wikimedia Commons

There are many other people in your community, however, who could probably use some extra thanks as well. Your local firefighters, for example, have to be incredibly brave to be able to run into burning buildings!

2-policeskeeze / Pixabay

Similarly, emergency medical professionals like paramedics save lives every day. It takes a strong mind and body to be able to perform emergency medical care while injured people are on their way to the hospital.

3-policeBotMultichillT / Wikimedia Commons

The teachers in your community can use some extra appreciation, too. They work extremely hard to make sure that kids are learning what they need in order to grow into independent adults, and it can be incredibly stressful!


It’s always important to remember that everyone who dedicates their lives to helping their community deserves some extra thanks! Next time you spot a police officer, make sure to shake their hand or pass them a nice note. They’ll appreciate it more than you know!

We expect our officers to be there for us and support us in times of need, and it’s often a thankless job. This young woman did a commendable thing in making sure her local law enforcement knew how much she appreciated them!

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