Theories surrounding the existence of extraterrestrials have circulated for decades. Even though believers have yet to prove their claims, there’s no shortage of people who swear they’ve experienced a close encounter. While many of these cases are never investigated, others garner enough public attention to make headlines.

As expected, the locations where these alleged incidents took place have become somewhat of a tourist draw. Here are 10 destinations in America that anyone who believes in extraterrestrial life has to visit in their lifetime. They’re totally out of this world!

1. The Area 51 Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada: All believers know the importance of Area 51 in the alien zeitgeist, which makes this rumored top secret weapons testing facility a must-visit destination for anyone with a little green man obsession.

Who knows? After you dish out $200 for an all-day tour of the place—yes, it’s a hefty price to see the famous crash site up close—maybe you’ll experience some spooky Roswell activity up close and personal…

2. The Roswell UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico: In July 1947, this town became the most infamous “UFO crash site” in the history of the world. Stories of the alleged crash made Roswell the undisputed mecca for believers!

The town even built a museum to memorialize its reputation. It’s a must-see for anyone passing through the Southwest. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to soak up some United States government conspiracy lore?

3. Futuro houses: During the 1960s, believers began erecting something they called Futuro homes, which were modeled after flying saucers. The idea behind them was simple: alien enthusiasts could get the full “mothership experience” while still on Earth!

The Futuro homes still stand, but taking a look at the advertisements from the 1960s is certainly a step back in time. Sure, they might seem futuristic for an episode of Mad Men, but these are still pretty retro.

4. The UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colorado: Like the rest of the famed UFO spots in the American Southwest, Colorado boasts its fair share of alien enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t want a giant UFO watch tower to scan the skies for incoming ships?

People regularly congregate on the metal scaffolding for a $2 admission fee to stargaze, waiting to catch a glimpse of a real alien. You’re not guaranteed to have an extraterrestrial encounter, but for two bucks, you can’t beat the experience.

5. The Kecksburg UFO in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania: In 1965, a mysterious bell-shaped UFO was witnessed by several people before abruptly crashing into the trees. Legend has it the military attempted to cover it up, but spectators saw hieroglyph-like writing on its side before it was hauled off.

From this mystery sprang a legal battle to identify the UFO. While no further information about the incident was officially released, a replica of the object was constructed at the alleged crash site. It still stands there today!

6. The UFO welcome center in Bowman, South Carolina: Thanks to area man Jody Pendarvis, who built his own UFO monument in 1999, alien enthusiasts driving along the Carolina coast can visit this funky extraterrestrial destination.

Of course, you’ll have to be extra careful while visiting it, however, as it is a privately owned attraction and there’s no telling how safe its construction is. Even that spooky sign seems to scream “enter at your own risk!”

7. New Hampshire’s Betty and Barney Hill Incident: In September 1961, while driving to Portsmouth through a rural neighborhood in New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill became entangled in the first widely publicized UFO encounter case after they claimed they were hypnotized and abducted by aliens…

While authorities were never able to identify exactly what happened to the couple—who have since passed—they did, however, pay tribute to the historic event by marking it with a sign explaining what supposedly happened that night.

8. The alien graves: During the 1890s, many people in the United States reported seeing mysterious objects flying in the sky. One such craft crashed in Aurora, Texas, and the town’s occupants allegedly buried the pilot there.

While investigations of the Aurora cemetery never yielded any conclusive results, it doesn’t stop enthusiasts from visiting this site from all over the country every day to see the pilot’s headstone. Check out that engraving!

9. The Little Green Men Festival: In 1955, a farm near Kelly, Kentucky, reportedly became the site of an aerial blitzkrieg when goblin-esque creatures were said to have attacked the home of local man Elmer Sutton from above.

While this might have been cause for concern elsewhere, the people of Kelly have fully embraced the happening. Now, the town hosts the annual Little Green Men Festival in August each year, at the same time as the original attack.

10. The Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport: When the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet crashed into Jupiter in 1994, the Green River city council of Wyoming built a refugee facility where Jovians (inhabitants of Jupiter) could stay…

And so was constructed the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport, though as of today, no Jovians have ever come to stay… or so they want you to believe. You’ll just have to make the trip for yourself to find out!


These destinations would definitely make for an out-of-this-world cross-country road trip. For anyone with a space obsession, they can’t be missed!

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