People who believe in life on other planets take the study of extraterrestrials very seriously. The governments of the world might claim that there is no proof aliens exist, but some conspiracy theorists insist they know better. That’s why they spend their free time seeking out the truth themselves—and on occasion, they’ll come across something that gives everyone pause.

Just take this recent satellite photo from Antarctica, which has the entire conspiracy theorist community in an uproar. Many believe that this image captured conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life. It’s hard to deny that this object looks like a UFO… what other explanation could there possibly be?

Humankind’s fascination with the possibility of extraterrestrial life existed long before we ever managed to put a man on the moon. As years passed and technology advanced, our curiosity in the apparent race of “little green men” only grew.

Even governments all over the world continue to finance the exploration of outer space. That includes using radio telescopes, probes, and other forms of technology to try to establish proof of alien life.

Official research isn’t the only type being conducted, either. Some believers don’t trust their governments to be transparent; naturally, there are plenty of individuals who dedicate their lives to their own missions to make contact with extraterrestrials.

Some of these amateur sleuths believe that proof of alien life was already found and that the governments of the world are keeping it a secret. Their mission is to bring the truth to their fellow people.

For instance, Secureteam is a United States-based organization made up of such individuals. Their goal is to expose the perceived secrets about alien life that the government is supposedly keeping from the rest of the world…

Secureteam’s YouTube page is filled with videos of what it believes is evidence of alien life. More than 1.3 million people subscribe to the channel—and on March 3, 2018, Secureteam’s followers were treated to some haunting footage from South Georgia Island, a desolate location off of Antarctica.

The video’s narrator—known only as Tyler—focused in on one particular area of snow on the island. There, he pointed out a strange object resting on the ground. What the heck was it? And could it have been alien in origin?

“It appears to me at least to be some sort of massive, elongated or cigar-shaped object that at some point, and we don’t know when, came to a screeching halt in the snow, leaving behind it almost a 1,000-meter-long trail,” said Tyler in his video.

Researchers who followed the unknown object’s trail along the island actually found damage in the mountains where the trail began. That wasn’t the only weird thing they discovered, either…

They realized that the object appeared to have moved in a straight line. That was very common for artificial or manmade objects—but not common at all for anything from the natural world.

Tyler and others believed that object—which definitely wasn’t natural—crashed into the mountainside and then slid until it came to a halt. “We can see on top of it we have a lot of rigid and sharp ends, also casting shadows over to the side,” Tyler explained.

That wasn’t the only theory Tyler and his buddies at Secureteam came up with, either. They also believed that the object could have burst out of the mountain itself after being placed there by unknown aliens!

Neither professional researchers nor the folks at Secureteam could say a lot conclusively about the mysterious object. After all, they only had a single satellite image to work with…

This wasn’t the first time aliens were suspected of prowling Antarctica. In April of 2017, a suspicious iceberg was the source of speculation for believers who felt there was no way the object could be natural…

This iceberg, they claimed, was relatively new to the region and didn’t share characteristics with other icebergs in the area. “This object is really peculiar,” said one believer, “and looks like a vessel disguised as an iceberg.”

In February of 2018, the Secureteam volunteers made another interesting discovery in Antarctica. They used a heat map and found a patch of unexplained activity out there. They speculated it could be proof of an underground base…

There’s a reason why Antarctica is a popular location not just for conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials, but for the United States government. Theorists claim that, for years, the government has operated underground bases that they don’t want the people to know about—because they deal with UFOs and other alien activity.

Of course, the government insists that it hasn’t had any contact with visitors from other worlds. Still, this does not to stop those who believe from continuing to look for proof that the government is lying…

Satellite photos like the one recently captured on South Georgia Island definitely added fuel to the fires of these conspiracy theories. However, geologists warned these believers not to get too far ahead of themselves…

One such expert said, “I can confirm 100 percent that what you see in the image is just the result of a glacial slide. Sorry.” Be that as it may, people keep tuning in. If there is proof of alien life, it would make sense that the government would keep it a secret, wouldn’t it?

Between the moon landing in 1969 and the growth of the science fiction genre, most would likely peg the 20th century as the origin of humanity’s interest in extraterrestrial life. Think about it: is there anything more “modern” sounding than the idea of aliens?

In actuality, this may not be the case. There are a number of historical paintings that some claim feature alien contact —we’re talking about UFOs, people! Painted centuries before we ever went to space, these pieces might be the most indisputable proof of alien existence. 

St. John the Baptist (1513 – 1516): Leonardo Da Vinci is known for leaving hidden codes in his work. Well, if you join two mirror images of this painting, the face of an alien figure can be seen. Was he trying to send us a message?

Leonardo da Vinci

“Charama, India, Cave Paintings” (8,000 B.C.): Archaeologists have discovered alien-like paintings inside an Indian cave. Scientists have gone straight to NASA to investigate whether or not these paintings prove aliens visited our planet 10,000 years ago.

Times of India

“Two Dutch Ships” (unknown): Although the artist and era of this painting are unknown, it can be seen that two Dutch ships are sailing towards floating orbs in the sky. Upon further inspection, there appear to be faces inside the orbs suggesting that this is a UFO sighting.

UFO sighting outside Windsor Castle (1783): This painting depicts Thomas Sandby’s account of a pale blue object entering the night sky from beyond. He recounted that the glowing orb came to a halt and moved directions at one point during the encounter.

Thomas Sandby

Mayan carving (1st Century): Carved in stone, there is a man worshiping or surrendering to an alien-type figure hovering above. Some suggest the UFO carving is really just a representation of an ancient Mayan god, but the extraterrestrial reference is strong.

The Annunciation With Saint Emidus (1486): Painted by Carlo Crivelli, this work depicts the Virgin Mary just before she learns she is going to give birth to Jesus Christ. The light beaming down on her is either the halo of the Lord… or it’s a UFO and a sign that Mary was abducted, depending on who you ask.

Carlo Crivelli

The Crucifixion Of Christ (1350): This painting, which hangs above the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, depicts the crucifixion of Christ. Supposedly, the objects in the upper corners are some sort of spacecraft!


The Baptism Of Christ (1710): Showing the baptism of Jesus, this painting by Aert de Gelder features four separate beams of light. Some believe this demonstrates that the disc in the sky is actually a UFO.

Aert de Gelde

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino (late 1400s): Domenico Ghirlandaio painted an object over the Madonna’s left believed by some to be a UFO. A man is staring at it in the distance and a dog seems to be barking at it as well.

Domenico Ghirlandaio

Triumph Of Summer Tapestry (1538): This tapestry was created in Bruges, Belgium, and features depictions of three strange objects in the sky. They don’t seem to match any known religious symbols, and the scene on the tapestry is of a ruler’s rise to power.


La Tebaide (mid-1400s): This painting shows a number of scenes from monastic life in the 15th century, as well as the Crucifixion. Some point to the red disc at the bottom as a sign of something alien, but debunkers say it’s nothing but the hat style commonly worn by cardinals at the time.


The Miracle Of The Snow (1428-1432): Painted by Masolino da Panicale, it evidently shows a snowfall that happened on a hot August day in Italy. Many believe the clouds might really be representative of something far more otherworldly.

Masolino da Panicale

“Israel, Put Your Hope In The Lord” Painting (circa 1600s): Residing now in the Church of the Dominican Monastery in Sighisoara, Romania, this eerie painting shows a church on fire. Above it appears to be some sort of UFO wreaking havoc.

Glorification Of The Eucharist (early 1600s): Painted by Ventura Salimbeni, it’s hard not to notice the globe in the middle of the work. Some say it’s evidence of time travel, while experts suggest it’s a “creation globe,” and the antennas are actually wands used by God and Jesus.

Ventura Salimbeni

The Crucifixion Of Christ (circa 1600s): Found in the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia, this painting apparently shows two flying objects on either side of Christ during the Crucifixion. Some believe this is proof that Jesus was some form of human-alien hybrid.

The Crucifixion Of Christ

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil (circa 1475): This piece by Michael Pacher shows Saint Wolfgang himself getting help from some devilish alien creature to build his church.

Michael Pacher

Egyptian Pictograph (400 B.C.): This pictograph appears to show a male Egyptian offering a live bird to a cloaked alien figure of some sort. Potentially a peace offering after unwanted aliens invaded earth?

“Une No Chiri” (1803): Published in a book in the 19th century, this illustration depicts a real-life artifact that was found at Haratonohama by Japanese sailors. According to the explanation on the drawing, the outside was made of iron and glass.

Ume No Chiri

Foppa Adorazione (1478): This painting has a hidden message lurking in the back. A man can be seen standing on the hill looking up at a glowing orb. Some argue that this divine painting depicts belief of extraterrestrial life.

Vincenzo Foppa

Mona Lisa (1503) Another example of Leonardo da Vinci leaving hidden messages in his work, comes from one of his most famous paintings. If you place two mirror images of the Mona Lisa side-by-side, an alien’s face becomes clearly visible.

Leonardo da Vinci