It’s a fact of life: people just love watching things being destroyed on the internet. Blame it on shows like Myth Busters, whose scientific adventures have become an outlet for those of us who crave real-life special effects (from the safety of our own homes, that is).

The Finland-based group that runs the YouTube channel Beyond the Press is no different. The group conducts—and records—all sorts of technological experiments involving a hydraulic press and, of course, the obligatory explosion or two.

One such experiment came in the form of an extreme brake test, which these experts administered on their poor little hatchback that sported a pretty hot (and prophetic) impromptu paint job. Unfortunately, they might have overestimated how much power was necessary to get sparks to fly…

A group of extreme experimenters in Finland, dubbed Beyond the Press, decided to conduct a brake test on their little Ford Fiesta “in the name of science.”

car2Beyond The Press / YouTube

After jacking up the car and removing the tire, one brave soul climbed inside. He shifted into fourth gear and put the pedal to the metal…

car3Beyond The Press / YouTube

It looked like everything was going pretty well, until…

Whoa! Can you believe that? It was so intense that the GoPro actually caught fire. We’re not sure if this counts as a recommendation for this car, but hey, at least it was fun to watch. Find more insane experiments on their YouTube channel.

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