If someone’s got an entire compound’s worth of space, and enough money for more vehicles than most folks could ever imagine, what do they do with all that property? If you’re Tom Gonzalez, you build something incredible.

With more than enough room in his yard to store any number of vehicles he could want, Tom decided to take his home garage to another level… and we mean that more literally thank you might think!

With his ingenuity (and considerable financial means), he devised a way to enjoy his property’s beautiful views without the visual obstruction that a garage would normally cause. Seeing this one-of-a-kind invention in action is nothing short of magic!

Tom Gonzalez was an avid car and motorcycle collector who wanted to keep his entire collection in one place.


The only problem was that he didn’t want to ruin his remote, picturesque home with a huge, unsightly garage!


He did, however, have considerable wealth and a knack for ingenious design…


…so he came up with a spectacular solution that you’ve truly got to see to believe!

Now that’s what I call a space saver! I seriously cannot believe something that big can be so hidden!

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