Mahjong is a very popular gambling game played using tiles and small wagers. The game is Chinese in origin and has been around for hundreds of years. It first became popular during the Qing dynasty in the middle of the 17th century – and people have been playing it ever since.

While mahjong is an old game, that doesn’t mean that every mahjong set has to look exactly the same. In fact, devotees of the game take pride in the appearance of their personal sets much in the same way that bowlers take pride in their bowling ball bags and other accessories.

No matter who you might be, there is a mahjong set specifically designed with you and your passions in mind. Take a look at these cool mahjong sets that are literally flying off the shelves around the world!

1. World of Warcraft mahjong: This set is perfect for the dedicated World of Warcraft game lover in your life. The entire set is WoW-themed! It comes complete with a WoW placemat, chips and tiles, plus it’s got a very special Horde or Alliance dice! Very cool. 

MahjongStuff Singapore

2. World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria mahjong: This set was the very first World of Warcraft mahjong set to hit the market and it still has a devoted fan base. Based on the Mists of Pandaria expansion, it contains themed chips, discs, and tiles. It’s also got a play mat featuring a map of Pandaria. MahjongKotaku

3. Diablo III mahjong: You don’t need to be obsessed with the video game Diablo III to play using this mahjong set, but it definitely helps! Appropriately, this set comes with Diablo-themed chips, dice, a play mat and special bonus handheld Black Soulstone artifact to bring you lots of luck. MahjongCNET

4. Nintendo mahjong: At first glance this set is entirely ordinary, but look a little closer and you’ll find the Nintendo stamped discs of this must-have collector’s item! If you are a fan of Nintendo and all that they do, this is the mahjong set for you.  MahjongAmazon

5. Pokemon mahjong: Pokemon is experiencing a major surge in popularity thanks to the success of their new game Pokemon Go! Now you catch ’em all, become a Pokemaster and play mahjong at the same time! It doesn’t get more fun than that. MahjongAmazon

6. Facebook mahjong: Don’t let the name of this mahjong set confuse you. Facebook mahjong isn’t a version of the game that you play on the social media site. Instead, it’s a themed version of the game, completed with tiles stamped in the site’s signature blue and white colors. Mahjong

7. Automatic mahjong: Who needs to bother with all of the tile re-arranging that comes with manual mahjong when you can buy an automated set! These machines are very popular in Hong Kong casinos, but smaller versions are available to buy for your home.

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