It’s not just an expression: in life, we really do have to take the good with the bad. Sometimes, we wake up feeling like the world is pushing left and we’re trying to move right. It’s exhausting, frustrating, and completely depletes our motivation, but there is a small silver lining…

Bad days happen to everyone! While that might not be a completely comforting thought, it’s always nice to know we’re not alone during the rough times. It’s important to have a little humility and laugh at ourselves to keep life in perspective.

Bad days are awful, but we simply can’t avoid them. These 20 pictures demonstrate that, no matter how bad your day might be, someone else is probably dealing with a similarly awful situation… and things could always be much worse!

1. Anyone order a well-done pizza? It’s not delivery, it’s disastrous. Sure, making your own pizza at home is a fun way to save a few bucks without sacrificing taste, but in order to do that successfully, maybe don’t set your oven temperature to “hellfire.”

shit pics 1TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

2. This hearse driver is going to have some answering to do when he returns to the funeral home. Maybe he can blame it all on his unruly passenger in the backseat… or not. Looks like somebody’s going to need a new gig.

shit pics 2TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

3. Garbage trucks are supposed to pick up garbage from the street. Dumping it all over? That’s literally the opposite of what they’re meant to do… unless, of course, the public sanitation department takes opposite day seriously.

shit pics 3TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

4. “How would you like you hair cut, today?” “Hmm. I’d like it short on the sides, and then full of porcupine quills on top!” Getting one porcupine quill stuck in your scalp is painful enough, but this many? Ouch.

shit pics 4THeCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

5. Hope you weren’t really counting on that carbonated pick-me-up, because this soda is quite unwilling to oblige. Say it ain’t soda! This just seems far too cruel and far too unusual. Anyone got a hammer handy?

shit pics 5TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

6. It might be tough to top this bride’s bad day. What’s worse than skipping out on your own wedding? Well, to be honest, it’s probably learning that your fiancé has skipped out on it, too.

shit pics 6THeCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

7. Someone did not calculate this correctly at all. Sometimes, even those people who usually lend us a helping hand need a little help from time to time… particularly if they wind up driving into a river.

shit pics 7TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

8. “What the cluck happened to all my eggs?” Drop one egg on the ground—fine, accidents happen. Drop a whole dozen eggs on the ground? Some hen out there is taking this personally.

shit pics 8TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

9. Speaking of chickens who feel insulted because you ruined all of their hard work… don’t let any of the hens see this gigantic mess. Rough day at the office for these two. Somebody’s definitely got egg on their face.

shits pics 9TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

10. Not everyone can total their car without being in an accident. That takes a special kind of skill, and by skill we clearly mean a total lack thereof. Don’t envy the mechanic who had to pick up the phone on this one!

shit pics 10TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

11. It’s hard to tell whose day was worse, but we’re gonna go ahead and say it’s the person who is probably still stuck in the car that is wedged in the roof of a barn. Hope that farmer wanted a skylight…

shit pics 11TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

12. This was definitely not part of the commercial. Many people fear getting stuck on a roller coaster, but they hardly ever imagine it happening like this! Thank goodness for safety belts. Yikes!

shit pics 12TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

13. We didn’t know “paint” was an option for interiors these days. This mess is so bad that the person responsible might just have better luck leaning into it and painting their backseat eggshell white. Maybe no one will notice…

14. “Transport the cars via barge,” they said. “What on Earth could go wrong?” they said. If you were the dude responsible for getting these cars to the right place, can you imagine having to call your boss and let them know what happened? No fun.

shit pics 14TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

15. “So, you’re telling me ceiling tiles won’t hold the weight of a fully grown human? Prove it.” Sure, we’ve all been in situations where it seems like it would be easier to just escape through the vents then engage socially, but this is proof that’s never a good idea in reality.

shit pics 15

16. Sure, everyone loves the taste of a homemade product, particularly if it’s one that smells like it came right out of Grandma’s kitchen. Things everyone does not love: eating something that promises to taste just like Grandma herself. Ew.

17. It’s a proud day for every parent when their child learns how to read and write; it means that they can communicate in an entirely new way. However, it is the opposite of a proud day when that child uses their new skills to praise Satan instead of Santa.

18. When you’re a new parent, the pressure can feel tremendous. Every day it seems like you’re one mistake away from being awarded a prize for Worst Parent of the Year. Now, meet the couple who actually won that prize…

19. She just wanted a nice day out at the park with her dog. The last thing she ever expected to happen was that the new bacon-scented body wash she tried for the first time that morning would lead to an afternoon in the ER!

20. This husband thought that he could get away with pulling one over on his wife with another woman, however it looks like she absolutely got the last laugh. Can you imagine coming home to this? Served him right.

So, there you have it: 20 reasons not to let your bad day get the best of you. Stay positive, and keep on trucking!

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