As people get older, they begin to rely on help from those around them just to make it through the day. Sometimes we even need to hire home caregivers for family members that are aging. Their muscles and reflexes aren’t as spry as they used to be, and you need someone that’s trustworthy and loyal to offer the proper care they require.

Sometimes, however, the caregivers that we hire for our family members may at first seem okay, but we later find out that they’re clearly not up to the task at hand. Barbara and Harold Longley from Sterling, New York know this all too well.

When Barbara hired a woman named Jenna Boyle to look after her aging and disabled husband Harold, she had full confidence that she’d do a thorough job. But, when Barbara returned home from the grocery store one day, she came to the startling realization that she’d been wrong about Jenna the whole time.

As our loved ones begin to age, it becomes a daily struggle for them to accomplish everyday tasks like getting dressed or eating. Sometimes, we have to hire home caregivers to take care of family members who require thorough assistance. 

gr. nial bradshaw / Flickr