Just about everyone is so used to seeing UPS trucks out and about that we don’t think twice when we see them stopped on the side of the road. They’re just part of everyday life, given that people are sending and receiving more packages than ever.

What one UPS driver did in December of 2016, however, was the opposite of “everyday life”—and, in fact, it made him a hero.

After arriving at a house in Robertsville, Missouri, the driver received a package that had a terrifying plea scrawled on the side. Right away, he knew what he had to do…

While out on his normal rounds, a UPS driver stopped to pick up a package from a home in Robertsville, Missouri. This entirely typical process would have been unremarkable had it not been for what happened next.


In fact, as he pulled his truck into the driveway of 33-year-old James Tyler Jordan, the driver got a strange feeling that something was off. Still, that wasn’t enough to stop him from going through his usual routine.


It wasn’t until he was handed a package from James’ wife that he understood what he was dealing with. At that moment, he noticed the package had something written on its side—and it made him stop in his tracks…


On the side of the box were the words “Contact 911.” Not willing to take any chances, that’s exactly what the driver did. Once police showed up, they arrested James, who the driver learned had been holding his wife and child hostage for 15 hours. In that time, he had abused her and threatened her life.


Thankfully, the driver did the right thing, and the woman was resourceful enough to write that plea for help on the side of the box. It’s horrifying to think how close this story was to having a very different ending…

That driver really is a hero for promptly calling the authorities, and it shouldn’t be overlooked how brave the mother was for getting that message out while she had the chance.

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