Your living room might already be set up the way you like it. You might own a cushy sofa or recliner, a big-screen TV, and a little robot that does the vacuuming. But could it get even better?

The answer is yes! You can have all the modern amenities you want, but if you’re not relaxing in luxury and comfort, you’re just not doing it right.

So, if you’ve ever looked around your living room and thought you could use a few more places to put your feet up, you’re going to want to take a look at this incredible DIY project. The best part? It doesn’t cost much at all!

 Everyone wants a luxurious place to rest their feet, but not everyone can afford a nice coffee table. If that sounds like you, this incredible DIY project was created just for you. For starters, you’ll need rope, two pieces of thin wood, a drill, a glue gun, and some sealant. Oh, and a tire. Yeah, a tire. / Luis Gomes

For the first step, place the wood over the side of the tire. Now, drill several holes around the rim of the wood, all the while being sure to keep them lined up. This step will be necessary going forward. / Luis Gomes

Then, secure the pieces of wood in place using a series of screws. You’ll also want to be sure that you get them as tight as possible without stripping them. Once you’re finished, go back around and be sure they’re all equally tightened. / Luis Gomes

Once the wood is firm and securely in place, find the center. You can measure the radius with a tape measurer or simply eyeball it. Now, begin gluing the rope in a spiral pattern from the center of the wood outward. / Luis Gomes

While you begin to spiral the rope on the surface of the wood outward, be sure to keep gluing the edges of the rope in place. This way, it will stay perfectly in line and be held firmly by the time you finish. / Luis Gomes

Once you’ve covered the entire top of the wooden piece, you’ll continue wrapping and gluing the rope onto the tire itself. Be sure to maintain a tight spiral, as you don’t want any unsightly gaps to show up between the rows. / Luis Gomes

When you get halfway through spiraling the rope, and the glue you’ve already laid has dried, flip the tire over and continue until you reach the wooden panel on the bottom. You’ll notice it’s much easier to work your way up than down! / Luis Gomes

Once you’ve spiraled the rope around the entire circumference of the tire, you’ll want to cut it and glue the end to secure the entire spiral. Be sure that you’ve filled it entirely, since you don’t want to have to add more rope if you miss any pieces! / Luis Gomes

Now you’re getting close to the final stage. Next, put down a layer of sealant over the rope. This will work to secure the rope in place, ensuring that it doesn’t unravel while you’re relaxing. When the first layer has dried, apply another one. Can you guess what this is yet? / Luis Gomes

And… bam! A beautiful, rustic ottoman money literally can’t buy. This easy DIY project is the perfect way to dress your living room. Best of all, should the ropes get worn down from too much use, it’s an easy and affordable fix! You can also add a cushion to the top if you’d like. / Luis Gomes

What an incredible way to repurpose a useless old tire! Who else wants a DIY tire ottoman in their home?

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