Life is full of nagging little problems that just don’t seem to have a solution: Your headphone wires get tangled in your pocket; wine glasses get mixed up at parties; flip-flops fall apart. Don’t you wish there was a cheap, easy way to solve those annoying issues?

It turns out that there’s one tiny item that you probably already have in your home that will help you with all of these problems and more!

You probably have a ton of bread tags lying around in your kitchen drawers. But did you know there are more uses for them than you thought?

bread tags

1. Fix flip-flops


2. Make unique jewelry easily.


3. Create decorative fasteners for gift bags.


4. Never mix up your wine glasses again!


5. Easily label keys for different uses.


6. Peel stickers off surfaces without leaving residue.


7. Organize and label cords.


8. Stop rubber bands from migrating all over the house, and keep them together!


9. Maintain the edge of a roll of tape.


10. Keep your phone cord at the ready by attaching one to your desk!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.05.09 AM

11. Stop headphone cords from tangling in your pocket or purse.


12. Find a cheap alternative to a knitting marker.


Who knew you could do all this with just a little piece of plastic? These things are a miracle!

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