Life is full of nagging little problems that just don’t seem to have a solution: headphone wires get tangled in your pockets, wine glasses are mixed up at parties, and flip-flops inevitably fall apart. Don’t you wish there was a cheap, easy way to solve those annoying issues?

It turns out that there’s one tiny item that can help fix each of those problems—and the good news is that you likely already have it in your home! If you’ve been throwing it out, you’re definitely going to give that a second thought after ready this…

You probably have a ton of bread tags lying around in your kitchen. No matter how many times you throw these guys away, a few always seem to find their way back to the bottom of your junk drawer. But did you know there are more uses for them than keeping bagged pantry items fresh? Here are just a few…

1. Fixing flip-flops: The simple plastic thong that keeps your flip-flop together can pull through the foam of the sole over time. In a pinch, you can affix a bread tag to the bottom and keep it in place like magic!

2. Make jewelry: If you love tackling a new craft project, then break out the bread tags! By looping a few through earring backs (as you can see here) you can make jewelry that is totally unique.

3. Create gift bag fasteners: You don’t need to spend a lot of money on ribbons and the like in order to add the finishing touches to your holiday gift bags. Check out how one crafty person turned their bread tags into miniature snowmen to keep their bags of cookies fresh!

4. Mark your wine glass: People spend a small fortune investing in doo-dads to put on their wine glasses to help distinguish them from one another during dinner parties. Save your pennies and simply use different-colored bread tags instead!

5. Label keys: It can be a task trying to keep all of the keys on your keyring nice and organized. Bread tags makes that task a snap! Simply mark the bread ring with a label—like “home,” “garage,” and “storefront”—and place it around the appropriate key.

6. Remove stickers: There are few things more frustrating than a sticker adhered to a surface that just won’t budge. Spare your precious fingernails and try using bread tags instead. They work like a charm!

7. Organize and label cords: Surge protectors are a great way to utilize the power coming into your home in the best possible way, but identifying all those cords can be tricky. Use bread tags to label each one!

8. Manage rubber bands: Stop rubber bands from migrating all over the house and keep them in one organized place with a simple bread tag. You might not have a cool rubber band ball, but it’ll come in handy!

9. Tape placeholder: Trying to peel off the end on a roll of tape can be a total hassle if you don’t have a built-in dispenser. Instead, stick the end of the roll to a bread tag so you can always find it!

10. Phone charger: Keep your phone cord at the ready by attaching a bread tag to your desk! You can decorate the tag so it matches your decorations, too. Simply hook the phone cord in the tag and you’ll always know where to find your charger!

11. Manage headphones: Stop headphone cords from tangling in your pocket or purse by winding them around a bread tag. Knots be gone! This hack also makes for a great conversation-starter.

12. Mark your knitting: If you like to knit, you know just how annoying it is to have your yarn unwind or to lose your place entirely whenever you set down your project. A bread tag clasped onto your needle provides a cheap alternative to a knitting marker. You’ll never lose your place in a project again—and you can show off your DIY swagger all at the same time!

13. Match socks: It’s so frustrating to dig around in your dresser drawers for a clean pair of socks and to come out with two that look nothing alike. Help keep your socks organized by clipping matching pairs together with a bread tag.

14. Make a bookmark: If you’re a passionate reader but you can’t be trusted not to lose a bookmark—and you’d rather die before you dog-ear a page!—consider using a bread tag. It’s a handy bookmark and you’ll never lose your place again!

15. Organizing threads: Fans of sewing projects and embroidery utilize bread tags all the time. Simply wrap your threads around a tag and you won’t have to worry about losing a spool or about forming annoying knots.

16. Decorate your Christmas tree: Having a hard time getting the lights on your Christmas tree to stay in place? Try clipping them to the branches with bread tags! You’ll be amazed at how perfectly they stay on the branches without slipping.

17. Board games: Some of the most popular board games include lots of tiny pieces—and they’ll inevitably get lost. When that happens, don’t ditch the games; simply replace the missing pieces with bread tags!

18. Make art: Artists don’t have to limit themselves to only using a brush and a canvas! Since bread tags come in different colors, you can use them in your work to create a veritable mosaic. How pretty!

19. Hair ties: Those with long hair know the struggle is real—and hair ties are a necessity. However, they always get lost! With bread tags, you won’t have to worry; use them to clip your hair ties all in one, easy-to-find place.

Who knew you could do all this with just a little piece of plastic? These bread tags are a miracle!

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