When it comes to stocking up on cleaning products for your home, some things are more essential than others. Dish soap and toilet paper are must-haves, but stuff like scented candles and dryer sheets? Not so much.

However, some of the items you might overlook as luxuries are actually a lot more practical than you may think. While they are often advertised to serve just one purpose, they can do many other things.

Laundry or dryer sheets, for example, can do a heck of a lot more than keep your clothes smelling fresh. When you see just how much they can do, you’ll definitely add them to your shopping list!

1. You don’t need to spend a lot of extra money buying speciality dusting supplies. Dryer sheets, like the ones pictured below, are excellent at capturing dust in even the hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies.

2. Have a cat or dog you adore, but you’re a veritable magnet for their hair? Keep a dryer sheet handy and use it to easily brush off any fur that might have decided to stick around after your afternoon snuggle with Mr. Fluffy.

3. You don’t need to put your dryer sheets in the actual dryer to get the full effects of their static-fighting power. If you put on a shirt or skirt and find that it is clingy with static, just brush it with a sheet and watch the static vanish!

4. If you ever find something gross and sticky stuck to your iron, you don’t need to buy a speciality cleaning product to clean it off. Instead, wait for your iron to be cool, and simply rub off the residue using your dryer sheets.

5. The stainless steel and chrome fixtures around your house can easily become dirty and smudged. You can clean them off and prevent more stains from forming just by wiping them down with dryer sheets.

6. If you enjoy sewing, you might want to set some dryer sheets aside for your next project. Stringing your thread through the dryer sheet before you begin sewing can prevent the thread from tangling!

7. Love playing outside but hate getting eaten alive by the bugs out there? Try tying a dryer sheet to your belt or sticking one in your pocket. The smell of the sheet is bound to keep every single insect out there at bay.

8. Do you have a mouse who keeps invading your home? Keep him out by plugging up any open holes in your home with balled up dryer sheets. The mouse will be flummoxed and hastily find another place to live.

9. Stainless steel is great for cookware, but it easily allows baked-on, caked-on messes to accumulate if you cook using high heat. In order to save yourself time, let a dryer sheet soak in the pan along with some water. It makes cleaning a breeze!

10. Want to freshen up your home but don’t want it to smell too overpowering? Place dryer sheets inside your heating and cooling vents and they will distribute a nice, clean scent throughout your home.

11. Any person who wears glasses know just how frustrating keeping them clean can be! Believe it or not, this is another area where dryer sheets can help. Simply wipe your specs with them to keep your lenses clean and smudge-free!

Who knew that something as ordinary as a dryer sheet could possibly have so many different uses? Handy DIYers all over the planet will want to try out these easy hacks!

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