You may not even realize, but there are plenty of household items you have lying around that serve many purposes other than what’s printed on the container. These uses aren’t advertised, of course, but if you do some research, you’ll find that you can accomplish plenty more with an item than what’s written.

Vaseline is a prime example of one of these items. Most people use it to apply to skin to heal rashes or burns, but you’d be pleasantly surprised at how many other uses you can get out of your bottle.

These 16 Vaseline hacks will help save you money and alleviate several everyday problems you might face.

1. Apply it directly on your hair to give it a smooth static-free shine.

vas 2

2. If you put a layer on your leather shoes, not only will it make them water resistant, but it can help hide scratches or dirt.

vas 3

3. Having problems getting a ring off your finger? Vaseline will help it slide right off.

vas 4

4. We’ve all had our nail polish caps stick to the bottle. Rubbing a little on it solves the problem.

vas 5

5. You can reduce squeaky hinges with a simple dab.

vas 6

6. If you’re trying to avoid stinging skin during the frigid days of winter, an application on your face does the trick.

vas 7

7. Instead of using expensive polish on your wood, gloss it over with a thin layer of gel.

vas 8

8. In need of a candle? Roll up a small piece of paper into a makeshift wick, stick it into the bottle and light it. Boom — candle.

vas 9

9. Avoid rusty tools by covering them in a thin layer of Vaseline.

vas 10

10. If you’re into bicycle riding, protect your gears from corrosion.

vas 11

11. Always remember to moisturize.

vas 12

12. Unstick those stubborn zippers.

vas 13

13. Increase the lifespan of your perfume or cologne by applying a layer before you spray.

vas 14

14. If you suffer from dry or cracked feet, rub some on the cracked areas and sleep with your socks on. The moisture will help immensely with the dryness.

vas 15

15. Everyone loves pumpkin carving, but they always rot so quickly after you’re done; not if you apply some Vaseline to those gourds!

vas 16

16. Finally, to help save your car battery from corroding, place some gel around the battery terminals.

vas 17

Who knew that an item as simple as Vaseline had so many helpful uses? The next time you’re out, add a bottle to your shopping list. Your wallet will be glad you did!

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