Here Are 18 Totally Ridiculous Pick-Up Lines That Victorian People Actually Used On Each Other

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In the age of Tinder and OkCupid, it’s easy to think that people just don’t know how to start a conversation in person anymore. The time of the “meet-cute” seems to be coming to close.

It turns out, though, that humans have always had a dodgy relationship with romance in spontaneous situations. That’s why way back in the 19th century, people would use business cards with pick-up lines on them to get their foot in the door. And once you get a look at them, your humors are certain to be all aflutter.

1. I’ve always wanted someone to call me “creature.”

01-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

2. I’ve been to Cupid’s Shrine. Not that special, really.

02-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

3. How sweet of you to notice my coral lips.

03-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

4. P.P.S. Come, we shall bumpeth and we shall grindeth.

04-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

5. Every woman wants a man that’s about her size and complexion to protect her.

05-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

6. Devilishly clever, ho ho ho.

06-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

7. Don’t check the mitten, I’m positively smitten!

07-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

8. Let’s make like a couple of frogs and hop on out of here.

08-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

9. Sounds like a personal problem.

09-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

10. Worst Monopoly pieces ever.

10-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

11. “I hate to see you leave, but I love to sit on a fence and watch you go.”

11-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

12. The Original Friendzone.

12-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

13. Yeeeaaaaah, you can take that back.

13-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

14. The Saw of relationship goals.

14-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

15. The precursor to “Netflix and Chill.”

15-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

16. Chance of a lifetime! Much love! Very relationship! So happiness!

16-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

17. “No Extra Charge For Nightwork” is somehow the least creepy part of this.

17-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

18. How adorable.

18-victorian-pick-up-linesFlickr / Alan Mayes

There’s something about these old-timey pick-up lines that really toes the line between creepy and sweet. Tinder isn’t so different after all!

Share these hilarious Victorian era pick-up lines with your friends below. Who knows, maybe you can try a few out!

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