There’s no place you know better than your own home. You know every corner, nook, and hiding spot like the back of your hand. So imagine how surprised the Zwick family was to find that their house was holding a secret.

They lived in their house in Wisconsin for ten years, and never realized something was hidden in their backyard all along.

These rusted steel doors in their backyard were chained shut for over a decade, but curiosity finally got them better of them.1-time-capsule

Inside was a small bunker, built to protect a family from the atomic threats of the 1950s.2-shelter-opened

The bunker was flooded with water and debris, and some strange canisters were bobbing on the surface. When they saw the canisters were labeled as being ammunition, they reported it to the government, which immediately came to check it out. 3-time-capsule

Once the Zwicks got the all-clear, they were free to explore their findings. They carefully opened the boxes and found an amazing assortment of perfectly preserved goods inside.4-time-bunker-capsule

The people who prepped this bunker apparently made sure there were enough supplies for their family to survive in the bunker for weeks.time-capsule-3

From candles to tissues, the boxes were full of vital items.contents-of-bunkers

There were even some not-so-vital items, like these vintage candies!vintage-candies

I can’t believe this stuff was right under their noses for a decade!

Now I want to see if something this cool is in my backyard! BRB, gonna start digging.

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