Being a new parent entails a lot, but worrying all the time is certainly at the top of the list. So many things can potentially go wrong that it’s easy to never let yourself have a moment of peace. Parenting is definitely a balancing act!

When you’re raising a kid, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the harmless behavior from the stuff that can do real damage. There’s a big difference between touching a hot stove and eating a chocolate bar before dinner, for instance.

Although kids get into plenty of mischief that shouldn’t warrant too much concern, there is one commonly overlooked issue that parents should really worry about. It’s called “W sitting,” and it looks like no big deal—but it could really put your child in harm’s way.

A seated position that’s popular with children is commonly referred to as “W sitting.” It doesn’t seem like a big deal, and nearly everyone has done it in their lifetime—but it’s actually quite dangerous. So, what’s so bad about sitting down in this position, you may ask?

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It might seem like a normal way of hanging out on the floor to play with toys, but the truth is that “W sitting” is anything but normal. It can actually cause a lot of orthopedic issues as it places stress on the hips, knees, and ankles. It can even lead to all sorts of posture problems later in life.


For some parents, “W sitting” is almost as much of a no-no as saying a swear word or calling an adult by their first name. That’s because in order to enhance their fine motor skills and to gain core strength, kids need to sit in other positions. This one just doesn’t give them the same strengthening benefits.

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Sitting this way can lead to serious muscle tightness and discomfort. It also prevents the child from learning how to freely rotate their trunk, which is a central skill when it comes to learning full body coordination. It’s just one more reason not to encourage “W sitting!”


There are many other reasons to encourage your kids not to adopt this all-too-popular way of sitting down to play or to relax. To learn more about the dangers of  “W sitting” and to find great ways to get your kids out of this habit, watch the video below! 

Parents thought they could relax as long as their kid was sitting down, but no more! Stay alert, everyone.

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