There are extremely few, if any, disorders that anybody would find desirable. Whether they’re physical deformities or mental illnesses, they usually make life extremely difficult.

Things aren’t necessarily any different for Abushe, an 8-year-old boy from Ethiopia who suffers from Waardenburgh syndrome, which changes the pigmentation of his eyes to make them appear a brilliant blue. He often gets made fun of for his “plastic eyes” by his peers, and undoubtedly deals with a great deal of staring.

However, Abushe also proves that it’s really our differences as people that make us special. When you see what he looks like and hear his story, you’ll agree that he’s one incredible little boy!

Only one in about 300,000 people around the world are born with Waardenburg syndrome. This rare condition changes the pigmentation of one’s eyes; it’s also known to cause various degrees of deafness.

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Abushe, an 8-year old boy from Jinka, Southern Ethiopia, suffers from Waardenburgh syndrome, which turns his eyes a piercing blue. He lives with his grandmother in a hut made out of adobe, hatch, and wood.

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His parents can’t afford the daily bus ticket required to send him to school; luckily, his grandmother lives closer. He also loves his red soccer ball, his most prized possession.

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Abushe loves to watch Barcelona soccer games at every opportunity that he can, and his favorite player is the world-famous forward Lionel Messi. “Messi is just like me,” says Abushe. “He is not like the others!”

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Abushe’s parents feared that he was blind when he was first born. It’s not difficult to understand why: with such unusually piercing blue eyes, one would assume that something was seriously wrong.

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Sadly, his family is so poor that any medical treatment for his condition is out of the question. After learning more about his rare syndrome, his family now considers it a “gift from God.”

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Abushe often gets bullied by his peers for his appearance, as they refer to him as the boy with “plastic eyes.” Some kids even call him a “monster.” Yet Abushe hopes to prove them all wrong by becoming a soccer star.

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Abushe is so mature for such a young boy! Everyone could learn a lesson from his positive outlook on life. Hopefully, he’ll achieve everything he’s ever dreamed of!

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