With their ability to appear out of thin air and destroy everything in their path, tornadoes are, without a doubt, among the most terrifying of natural disasters.

One second you’re standing in your home cooking dinner for your family, and the next moment, everything is being swept away, scattering your belongings around your neighborhood like dandelion seeds floating in the breeze.

When a tornado recently leveled the home of Justin and Ariel Duke in Canton, Texas, they had seemingly lost everything they owned. Just when all hope of relocating their precious items was lost, a miracle took place…

It’s generally understood that tornadoes are among the most horrifying of natural disasters, especially with their ability to destroy everything they encounter. So when one twister recently ravaged the town of Canton, Texas, it wasn’t surprising that it left little standing in its wake…

wedding-tornado-1Justin Duke

Unfortunately, newlywed couple Ariel and Justin Duke had to learn that the hard way. Not only was their home completely obliterated by the tornado, but all of their precious belongings were scattered around their neighborhood, including their wedding bands.

wedding-tornado-3Nathan Wright

“Literally our house was just leveled. It wasn’t destroyed, it just wasn’t there,” Justin said in an interview.

With nothing but their love left, they desperately hoped to find the one thing that represented their bond: their wedding rings. Justin and Ariel searched everywhere they could, even enlisting friends to help them scour their yard. However, each day they came up empty-handed. They even posted a series of photos to Facebook asking for help finding the items. That’s when, a few days later, an angel arrived… with a metal detector.


“I got into one area when I started finding earrings,” metal detector hobbyist Nathan Wright said. “The first one I found I was like, ‘OK this could be a pretty good sign.’ I got a signal that I thought was going to be another piece of trash and I bent down and moved a little bit of debris away, and right up under the grass was the engagement ring.”

wedding-tornado-2Nathan Wright

“I hollered out and was so excited,” Nathan continued. “I’d spent three hours doing some heavy praying I was going to be able to find it.”

Not long after, Nathan made another miraculous discovery: it was the second ring, lying just 30 feet away! “This one was about an inch dug into the ground,” he said. “I bent down and knew the gold looked exactly like the engagement ring. To be able to find both of those in the debris-strewn field like that was unreal. I’ll remember that forever.”

wedding-tornado-6Nathan Wright

Nathan then alerted Justin and Ariel of his miraculous discovery. “He pulled out the wedding band and we were like, ‘OK cool,'” said Justin. “Then he said, ‘Well if you’re excited about this then you’re really going to like this!’ He pulled it out and there it was. We were just in shock.” Justin added, “I was so thankful he found them. It was amazing. It really was.”

wedding-tornado-5Nathan Wright

It’s incredible that Nathan was able to relocate their wedding bands. It’s just a testament to the fact that love endures all things, even tornadoes!

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