Most of the time, when taking a photo, we want to be sure that the shot is all lined up. Every once in a while, though, you look at the picture long after the fact and realize something’s just… off.

It takes a few seconds to realize that there’s something’s subtly strange in a picture. But once you notice what’s “off,” it’s impossible to ignore.

Not only are each of these photos perfect examples of that, but they all also contain a creepy surprise! While some stick out right away, most of them force you to really examine them. Once you see it though…

1. This girl just wants to hang out, right? “Photobombing,” as it’s commonly known when an unexpected visitor pops into a photo, usually is seen as just a silly and funny prank. Here, it’s used to much creepier effect!

crazy-weird-photos-1Reddit / 50sHousewife

2. This one may take you a while, but it’s pretty disturbing once you see the truth. Take a look at the loft bed, especially above the garland to the left of that young woman’s head. Do you notice an eye peeking out?

crazy-weird-photos-2Reddit / I_Rape_Cats

3. You would probably think that this filthy, run-down place is totally empty… until you lock eyes with somebody creepy who doesn’t look like they actually belong in there. That has to be abnormal, right?

crazy-weird-photos-3Reddit / WolfNippleChips

4. Wait, what is happening here? It may take you quite some time to figure it out… until you realize that that woman isn’t rubbing her chin with her hand! Nope, that’s actually a foot that she’s using so thoughtfully.

crazy-weird-photos-4Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

5. You probably won’t notice notice her for a while, but there actually is a mysterious young woman (or somebody!) hiding in the foreground here. Can you find her? She may be in the last place that you’d expect…

crazy-weird-photos-5Reddit / MysteryNinjaCat

6. Do you think those people/things live in the middle of those trees there? It really looks like they’re having the time of their lives. It’s a good thing that that young woman doesn’t seem to notice them, because she’d probably freak out!

crazy-weird-photos-6Imgur / 1DAK1

7. That strange, bright little man in the middle of the man in the center’s legs must have been the “something borrowed” for these groomsmen. A wedding’s never complete without a… possessed person?

8. It definitely looks like those kids may have forgotten someone… after all, just take a look into that window on the right. Doesn’t it look like there’s a creepy little boy staring menacingly at the other children outside? 

crazy-weird-photos-8Reddit / s-drop

9. One of these things is not like the other! Unlike many of the other photos in this list, the surprise is pretty much hiding in plain sight. That’s right: that crying little girl does not seem like she belongs with these teenagers!

crazy-weird-photos-9Reddit / Agentorange4tang

10. Do you see what’s wrong with this mysterious picture? Whatever that strange man is doing, it definitely does not look like he belongs there or that he’s up to any good. Do you think he might be trying to break in?

crazy-weird-photos-10Reddit / eel_barrow

11. There’s something ghastly hiding in this creepy-looking attic. Here’s a hint: look above that bench. That certainly looks like the ghost of a little boy! But unlike Casper, there’s no way to know how friendly he is.

crazy-weird-photos-11Reddit / NotFeelingVeryCreative

12. Hey, the invitations specifically said that there were no creepers allowed at this party! If you don’t see him yet, just look between these women’s faces: that creep is pretty hard to miss! How did nobody notice him in the first place?

crazy-weird-photos-12Imgur / Tschu12

13. Maybe that creepy little girl in the window just wanted to play peek-a-boo… with an emphasis on the “boo!” As it turns out from this old-timey photograph, ghostly photobombs are nothing new or unique to this era.

crazy-weird-photos-13Reddit / MiNuggets

14. That maniacal man behind the shower curtain must be there to make sure that that unsuspecting young woman never selfies solo ever again. Just look at that single, crazed-looking eye. That could traumatize someone!

crazy-weird-photos-14Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

15. Those kids always just grow up so fast. One moment you’re sending your fledgling young scholar off to their first day of preschool, the next they have a grown man’s left hand? Sure, why not…

crazy-weird-photos-15Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

16. You may not notice anything wrong with this picture at first, but just take a closer look into the window. Yep… that certainly looks like somebody’s stalking them! “Hey, where’s the party? Guys? …Guys?”

crazy-weird-photos-16Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

17. Just look a little longer at this one if the abnormality doesn’t immediately jump out at you. It’s difficult to tell where that woman’s left arm ends and her left leg begins! Accidental optical illusions like this are fascinating…

crazy-weird-photos-17Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

18. It’s kind of comforting to know that AT&T is determined to have your back just in case things gets too weird. Why a telephone and wireless company would even need a truck like this to begin with is pretty mysterious.

crazy-weird-photos-18Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

19. Do you think this might just be a classic case of sibling jealousy with that angry-looking man outside of the window on the right? Or do you think he has something more sinister in mind with that crazed look in his eyes?

crazy-weird-photos-19Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

20. Take a look behind that little girl, especially by her feet. Are her feet actually no longer attached to her legs? In reality, she’s just wearing green socks! They really do blend in with the grass, don’t they?

crazy-weird-photos-20Reddit / Obiaruf

21. Meanwhile, out on the patio, it appears some unexpected guests have crashed the pool party. “Something tells me that I shouldn’t approach their mother about what her kids are up to.”

crazy-weird-photos-21Reddit / Notsure2505

22. This is a tricky one. It would probably take most people quite some time before they could see what’s wrong with this picture. Yet, if you take a good enough look between that man and woman, you’ll find the surprise…

crazy-weird-photos-22Reddit / Chopders

23. It’s a matter of basic anatomy; this just isn’t possible. Take a look at that bench that those women are “sitting” on… it doesn’t have a bottom! How on Earth are these women supposed to stay in those positions without anything to support them?

crazy-weird-photos-23Imgur / Gobobo

24. Those red T-shirts are as plain as the nose on the face that they have mysteriously formed into. Sure, it may just be a wild coincidence, but there’s something deeply disturbing about how fully-realized that cluster looks!

crazy-weird-photos-24Reddit / PandaMango

25. Everybody remain calm—this is totally normal, right? After all, what kind of self-respecting father wouldn’t have a literal extra hand to support his wife and children? Side note: that sure does seem like a heck of a sale!

crazy-weird-photos-25Reddit / Hollywood182

Most of these are easily explained, but some of them are going to stick with some people for a while. Some things you just can’t unsee!

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