If you’ve ever been to a yard sale, you know that people try to sell some pretty unusual things sometimes. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

With the advent of websites like eBay, anyone can try to sell whatever they want nowadays with little effort. Much of the time, they’re perfectly legitimate items, but occasionally, you can find some pretty weird stuff up for grabs. Here is a list of 19 strange things that were found being auctioned off on eBay. Some of these things don’t even sound real!

1. Justin Bieber’s hair: When you’re a world-famous celebrity, you can put your name on anything and someone will buy it. When Bieber visited the Ellen show, he gave her a signed box containing a lock of his hair to donate to the Gentle Barn foundation. More than $40,000 was raised as a result.

2. Casey Anthony latex mask: If you don’t know who Casey Anthony is, she was a young mother charged with the murder of her daughter; the news story captured audiences worldwide. After a parody video surfaced that used this latex mask to depict Casey, it was then sold to the highest bidder.


3. Bridgeville, California: This small town north of San Diego has a population of around 25 and is the only town to ever be auctioned off on a website. It was eventually sold for less than $2 million.


4. Princess Beatrice’s wedding fascinator: At the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice showed up wearing a rather strange looking hat, known as a fascinator. Despite it’s very unconventional look, it sold for quite a lot of money and all proceeds went to UNICEF.


5. Britney Spears’s chewed gum: People have shown time and again that they will buy anything a celebrity touches, including stuff that’s been in their mouths! A Britney enthusiast jumped at the opportunity and bought her chewed gum for $14,000!


6. Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic ale: Sir Edward Belcher was an explorer born in Canada. While he was planning a trip to the Arctic Circle, he wanted to create an alcohol that could withstand the frigid temperatures. A single bottle survived the trip and sold on eBay for over $500,000!


7. Illinois-shaped Corn Flake: When two sisters found a corn flake in their morning cereal that was in the shape of Illinois, they figured they’d take a chance and put it up for auction. They actually made over $1,000!


8. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s tie: Rob Ford faced a great deal of scandal after the Internet began to circulate a video of the mayor using illicit drugs. Instead of feeling shame, he took the opportunity to make a couple bucks and decided to sell the tie he was wearing during his illegal escapade.


9. Nintendo World Championship cartridges: In the early 1990s, Nintendo held a competition to see who was the best video gamer. They installed a collection of various games onto one cartridge, which was given to the winner of the tournament. A few years ago, one of these cartridges was found and sold for nearly $100,000!


10. Virgin Mary grilled cheese: This may sound blasphemous to some people, but a woman in Miami claimed that a grilled cheese she made had a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t, but the sandwich got her a whopping $28,000.

11. Action Comics #1: Comic books are a huge collector’s item, and if you have some of the original prints for certain series, they can be worth a true fortune. This original Superman action comic sold for over $3 million, which is almost hard to believe!


12. Virginity: This is maybe one of the most controversial eBay sales of all time. An 18-year-old from a small town in Hungary put her virginity on the site in hopes that she would make enough money to attend medical school. eBay eventually took her post down.


13. The original Hollywood sign: The original sign was put up in 1923 and read “Hollywoodland.” In 1949, it was changed to read simply “Hollywood.” But, the old letters were auctioned off for just under half a million dollars.


14. World’s largest lunch box collection: People collect all sorts of random things, and when lunch boxes were all the rave, you’d better believe there were plenty of wide-eyed shoppers on the lookout for all these vintage classics. The entire collection eventually sold for almost $2 million.


15. The right to name a baby: A woman from Connecticut auctioned off the right to name her unborn baby. The highest bidder was a company called Golden Palace, and not long after, a baby named Gold Palace was born.


16. Ghost in a jar: This jar was found in an abandoned cemetery and the man who found it claimed that the ghost inside terrorized him. The bidding got up to $50,000, but the winner never ended up paying for, or receiving, the elusive ghost in a jar.


17. Zagami meteor: In 1962, a huge rock named Zagami traveled from Mars to Earth and entered our atmosphere. It broke up into much smaller pieces as soon as it did, and the biggest piece that was found was less and one pound. That might not sound remarkable, but that hunk of rock sold for $450,000!


18. Human liver: A man from Florida auctioned off his actual liver on eBay and it reached an astounding $5.7 million. But, the post was eventually removed because it is, in fact, illegal to sell human organs. Go figure.

19. One man’s entire life: After his divorce, a British man who was living in Australia wanted to start a new life. He was tired of his humdrum existence and decided the best way to go about making a change was to auction off literally everything about himself. He made nearly a quarter of a million dollars and used the cash to start fresh. 


This list is proof that people will pay for just about anything. Can you even imagine owning a piece of gum from someone’s mouth? It’s hard to say whether it’s stranger to sell these items or to buy them!