Even in our technologically advanced world, we still see some things just can’t be explained, especially on the internet. We could spend time looking for logical explanations, but the truth is that there are still plenty of eerie things out there that aren’t the result of Photoshop.

Not a day goes by without strange photos tumbling out of every corner of the internet. There seems to be no end to these unsettling images, and we’ve gathered 17 of the craziest ones right here!

Good luck making it through these without cringing a little inside…

1. A lot of people enjoy tuna fish when it’s in the tiny can sold in supermarkets. Imagine going to the store and spotting this guy in the aisle? You’d need a tow truck to bring your groceries home.

2. Creepy critters live all over the ocean’s deepest depths; lots of people are frightened of the deep blue sea for this very reason. This guy, however, doesn’t seem to feel fear anywhere in his body. Riding sharks is just what he does.


3. What kind of competition is this? Either this guy is trying to prove how strong his head is, or he’s literally about to do something fatal. Either way, it seems like there’s no chance of a positive outcome.


4. Don’t mind this guy, he’s just hanging out and saving his owner’s parking space for a bit. He may not be the quickest ride on the lot, but he saves his owner a bunch of money on gas. Plus, he never gets flat tires!


5. Here’s a word to the wise: never mistake an enormous snake for a fashionable glove. The outcome will not be pleasant. Who knows what the doctor is going to need to do to remove it, but it doesn’t look like it has any intention of letting go soon.


6. When it comes to children’s toys, choking hazard warnings ideally prevent anyone from swallowing small parts. But on clothes hangers? If someone is able to fit an entire hanger down their throat, they deserve an award.


7. This might be one of the most disturbing family photos ever taken. Sure, giving birth in water is supposed to be less traumatic for the mother and child, but it doesn’t look like everyone else feels that way. (Hint: check out the expression on the little brother on the left.)


8. When a person first learns to drive a car, one of the most intimidating aspects is being out on the open road with other seasoned drivers. However, it doesn’t seem like any amount of experience will help someone navigate this fiasco.


9. If posting this sign is necessary, the subway has clearly already lost the war. Then again, it’s still a good rule to live by. It makes morning commuting a lot more pleasant for everyone, that’s for sure.


10. Imagine strange noises waking you in the middle of the night, and they’re coming from the kitchen. Then, after investigating, you find this guy warming up something in the microwave for a midnight snack. Hopefully, he remembered to use a microwave-safe dish.

11. At first glance, you really can’t tell what’s going on in this picture; it kind of looks like a bunch of bugs. You’ll never want to step foot in a murky river again, though, once you realize it’s hundreds of catfish.


12. Hey, getting something pierced can be a big leap, so you might as well pierce a part of your body that doesn’t hurt and will grow back if you change your mind. Still, a metal ring shouldn’t really dangle from your toenail.


13. Here is a classic case of a photographer snapping what was supposed to be a beautiful wedding picture… just at the wrong moment. This odd photo makes it look like this groom just married a half-horse, half-human hybrid. Good luck guys!

14. Don’t mind these guys; they’re just taking a break from terrifying the local neighbors to grab a quick sip of water. Hopefully that’s their water, or else there’s a frightened dog somewhere who will never return to his drinking bowl.


15. Who was the person who decided on this bizarre stair design? Did M.C. Escher run a construction company that no one knew about? This is a real-life optical illusion, except it’s not as fun when you’re the one trapped in it.


16. As Jeff Goldblum says in the movie Jurassic Park: “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.” Whatever these little critters are, there’s no denying that they look like a horde of miniature brontosauruses thanks to their tails.


17. Now, that’s one way to turn a mini-van into a truck. Who knows why he decided to make such a drastic alteration to this van, but hopefully he doesn’t think he’s fooling anyone. His cover is completely blown by the shape of the front!


Good luck trying to make sense of these pictures. Sometimes, it’s easier to just accept the weirdness without trying to decipher what it means.

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