More often than not, working in a metropolitan area means taking public transit to work every day. It’s tough to adjust to, however, and bus and train commutes can really sap your energy.

Still, these commutes are rarely boring. In fact, long numbed by the oddities of everyday transportation, commuters hardly raise an eyebrow on the train anymore. Jaded as straphangers may be, the everyday-weirdness still shocks them from time to time!

That’s why this compilation of the weirdest photos that commuters have snapped during their rush hour trips is so funny. Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a subway, or buses and trains have been your primary form of transportation throughout your life, you’re not going to want to miss this!

1. Raising awareness about saving the rhinos (which, in all seriousness, is an important cause) requires a commitment. That dedication will, clearly, follow you everywhere you go… even if that means wearing a massive, presumably hot rhino costume on the subway.

2. When fellow commuters have snagged all of the seats on the train—or, as it appears here, when the hard, uncomfortable seats just aren’t good enough for you—be resourceful, and fashion your own! All the other commuters will be jealous.

3. When dressing as a massive Pikachu, the number one priority is safety. Actually, that’s true of all Pokémon. You wouldn’t want to get yourself hurt before a pivotal battle against the best trainer in town!

4. Cue the theme music: “Go go Power Rangers… to 28th Street for another day of work!” Sure, the other commuters were laughing at them, but they won’t be laughing once the Rangers save the city from one of Rita Repulsa’s monsters once again!

5. Far from a regular centaur, this commuter actually dressed like a zebra centaur! Of course, that distinction won’t help him when the other commuters get angry about all the space he’s taking up on the train, though.

6. This ultimate stare-down between the two greatest caped, masked, and cloaked-in-black figures in pop culture history does not faze the average commuter. Now they’ll never know who would win in a fight between Batman and Darth Vader! (FYI, it’d totally be Vader.)

7. This woman is practically daring you to do something about the fact that she’s smuggling an adorable kitten into the train. “Yeah, she’s gotta go to the vet, what are you going to do about it, punk?”

8. This is a frighteningly convincing take on those classic green army man figures. Sure, they’re charming in the Toy Story films, but this guy is a bit too close to the uncanny valley for comfort.

9. Besides how hilariously weird it is to see somebody chopping what looks like onions on a cutting board in the middle of the subway, it raises a lot of questions. Primarily, couldn’t she wait until she got home to do that?

10. This woman’s horrified face as she tries not to look at (or smell) the bare butt of the man next to her is absolutely priceless. One could only imagine what was going through her head! Hopefully, she didn’t have to wait long for her next stop.

11. Even at a moment’s notice, a true goth can recite the entirety of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Don’t even think about going out without a real, live raven as a prop, either. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

12. Much like the woman with the cutting board, one of the things that’s so striking about this photo is just how prepared the man is. Why would he bring that little table with him, and again, why couldn’t he wait?

13. Unaware of the mysterious photographer who snapped this image, this man just stares at his phone. Meanwhile, the not-so-discreetly hidden dog in his bag is glaring. “What? Do you have something to say to me, punk?”

14. There has to be a reason when this woman has a huge piece of lettuce on her head, right? After all, people can’t just wear vegetables as hats without knowing on some level that that is extremely weird, can they?


15. Is that a hamster… on a leash… on the train… in a witch’s hat? Not only is it bizarre to transport such a tiny pet in such a way, but it actually seems pretty dangerous. Hopefully nobody stepped on that cute little guy!

16. There’s nothing to necessarily make fun of here, because watching a man in a sailor hat serenade an adorable baby with a violin is genuinely delightful. It’s nice to see positive things like this every once in a while!

17. Somebody decided to take a photo of this sleepy man when they noticed that he bears a remarkable resemblance to former U.S. President Barack Obama. This guy probably hears that all the time, though… when he’s awake!

18. It’s pretty weird to see two strangers having drinks in the middle of the subway, but that’s just the magic of New York City: they shared this bottle of vino when it rolled out from under the seats. One would certainly like to think that these men remained friends long after they arrived at their stops!

19. Ever since they were forbidden from bringing their pooches onto public transportation unless they could fit inside a bag, Big Apple pet owners have had to get creative. “Hey, if I fits, I sits!”

20. Nothing to see here… just acclaimed actor Sir Ian McKellen of Lord of the Rings fame on his commute, just like everyone else. He might be a wizard, but that doesn’t mean he’s above public transit.

21. This contemplative-looking harp player may have been an odd sight on the subway train, but if he’s any good, he must have made the commute a little bit more peaceful. Knowing subway culture, though, few people would have even batted an eye!

22. This is pretty much peak subway weirdness: nothing says “Monday morning commute” quite like seeing a straight-up demon on the train. If you’re not looking forward to your day at work, this sight must seem like appropriate omen!

23. This one has to be a joke to try to make other commuters raise their eyebrows, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. Furthermore, maybe some woman thought it was so funny that she actually decided to give him her number!

These photos really capture how funny and unpredictable it can be to take public transportation. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on your way to work?

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