There are few things as fun as a good puzzle or brain-teaser. It’s almost always enjoyable to challenge yourself and see if you can think outside the box or approach a situation from a new angle. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of puzzles on the internet to do just that!

This particular quiz is a reading challenge. See if you can bust your brain to figure out what words are being spelled when they look way different than you’re used to seeing them!

1. Can you read this word? It definitely looks different…

quiz-1Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

The answer is “LOVE”!


2. How about this word?

quiz-2Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

That’s “DOG”!


3. Got the hang of it yet? Give this one a shot…

quiz-3Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

It says “OCEAN”!


4. Can you figure this word out?

quiz-4Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

It’s “WINDOW”!


5. This one’s a little trickier. Focus carefully…

quiz-5Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

It says “SPIDERWEB”!


6. Can you tell which word this is? 

quiz-6Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

This one spells “SECRET”!


7. This one is a little tough… Can you guess it?

quiz-7Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

This word’s “CATASTROPHE”!


8. Last one. Do you think you know which word this is?

quiz-8Playbuzz / Jake Barnes

This is “MADNESS”!!!


Did you get them all right? Some were definitely tougher than others…

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