The western capercaillie is one of the more magnificent birds in the world. Though many people in the Western hemisphere might not recognize it if one showed up on their doorstep, it’s typically found in Europe and Asia.

Not only that, but it’s big. In fact, the largest ever recorded weighed a whopping 16 pounds! This bird is also famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) for its mating displays, which feature any number of moves, postures, and songs from the males.

But no one has to tell a certain Norwegian man any of that! He found out firsthand just how… impressive… the capercaillie is. Luckily for anyone who likes to laugh, his encounter was captured on film!

While out in the Norwegian wilderness in 2014, a man was approached by a rather aggressive male western capercaillie. The huge bird had one thing on his mind, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.


For those who don’t know, the western capercaillie is famous for being the largest member of the grouse family. It’s capable of weighing up to 16 pounds, and it has a rather wild mating ritual.

Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) Frontal portrait of a male capercaillie singing its courtship song to attract females to its lek, in its characteristic posture, with a raised neck and wide open tail. The falling snow adds a lot to the atmosphere of the shot. Valle de Aran, Spanish PirineesWikimedia

The males, who nearly double the size of the females, will fluff their tails, posture for the females, and produce a sort of clicking noise. All of this, evidently, is enough to get lucky.


Living inside a region that spans Siberia to northern Spain, the western capercaillie is actually fairly common across the Eurasian continent… unfortunately for that one man.


This man had been hiking with a female companion when they encountered this male capercaillie. Everything would’ve been fine, but they weren’t prepared for just how alluring the bird would find the man’s blue jacket.


“Alluring” might be an understatement, because the male capercaillie was all about that thing… and the poor man wearing it could do nothing but duck for cover. The resulting scene was pure, hilarious madness.


Just watch the whole exchange and try not to keel over with laughter. The woman filming it might have the best reaction of all! This sure might make these folks feel differently about the majestic capercaillie…

That was hilariously bizarre! What a strange, and yet completely hysterical, moment. Guess the western capercaillie must have felt a little weird afterwards, too…

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