Rattlesnakes are deadly, and while leaving them alone is just common sense, that doesn’t mean we aren’t naturally curious about them. Could you resist a chance to get an up-close look at what makes a rattlesnake’s tail rattle if you knew you’d be safe from harm? Probably not!

One father and son had this chance and they weren’t going to let it pass them by. With an already deceased rattler’s tail in hand, they decided to get to work on dissecting it. Best of all, they filmed the entire process.

But their examination revealed something strange inside the snake’s tail, and it will leave you stunned!

Rattlesnakes are commonly regarded as one of the most deadly animals living on Earth. Nevertheless, even with this knowledge, most researchers would do anything to get up close with one to conduct studies about this species of snake.


Even though many people have conducted scientific research on rattlesnakes over the years, it seems like there’s always something new to learn about them. For instance, why are they the only snakes with a built-in rattle?

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Furthermore, what does the inside of a rattlesnake’s rattle look like? Well, thanks to a recent video posted by the YouTube father-son duo What’s Inside?, we finally get a chance to see…

For their latest video, Daniel Markham and his son Lincoln wanted to show viewers what the inside of a rattlesnake’s rattle looked like. So, after heading to the zoo to do a little research on the animals, they procured the rattle of an already deceased snake.

The two quickly got to work. First, they removed the rattlesnake’s tail from the plastic bag. Lincoln demonstrated how the tail moves so easily while mentioning that these animals move their rattles up to 50 times per second.

Finally, it was time to get down to business. The pair laid out the rattle on a table and grabbed a boxcutter. Daniel decided to cut it right down the center so that they could unfold the flaps and reveal what was inside.

At first, the exterior of the rattle was so tough that Daniel was unable to cut into it. Even as he pressed harder, it was practically impossible for him to slice. After a bit of finessing, however, he managed to get the job done…

Once he had a nice cut down the center, he began to peel the two sides of the rattle apart. While he did this, Daniel explained that, when rattlesnakes are born, they only have one “button” or notch on their rattle. Each time their skin sheds, they grow another button.

As the snake gets older and the rattle grows longer, the snake gains the ability to shake its tail faster and faster. Eventually, with enough buttons in place, the snake is able to sustain a rattling sound. While they’re able to perform 50 shakes per second, they can sustain a constant hum for up to four hours!

That’s a long time to be able to sustain rapid movement, and that’s just one of a million things that makes rattlesnakes so interesting! See what Daniel revealed when he pulled back the layers of the tail below. It’s so creepy…

That’s just so weird! Can you believe that’s what’s making all that noise?

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