There are things in life that you don’t know you need to see until you finally get to witness them. Take, for example, what happens when you pour molten aluminum into a fish tank full of water.

So, you might not think you need to see this father and son destroy a giant rubber band ball that took six months to make… only you do. Trust us; you’ll want to see what happens!

Using some handy power tools, the duo set to work slicing that rubber band ball in half. When it finally, split, however…

To begin their mad project, this father and son collected an unreasonable amount of rubber bands. Luckily, they were also able to purchase some already constructed rubber band balls for their experiment.


Lining up the rubber band balls on a table (making them sort of look like planets from the solar system!), the father and son began to explain what they wanted to do: split these things in half!


After that, it was time to show the audience what they were working with. This enormous ball was purchased from a man on eBay who’d spent years constructing it while bored in his office cubicle. Shame for him, considering what was about to happen to it…


Using an electric hand saw, the dad began to slice right into the biggest rubber band ball. In no time at all, some strands started flying all over the place. The real show, however, had only just begun…


At a certain moment, after the tensions has built in the ball and in the air around it, the rubber bands reached a breaking point and literally sprung away from the dad. From then on out, things got really bonkers.


So, in honor of the age-old question of “What’s inside a giant rubber band ball?” this father and son set out to get some answers. Even after the thing bounced away from the dad, however, things were just getting started…

That’s so bizarre to watch! If this isn’t the sort of thing the Internet is made for, what is?

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