When it comes to game shows, Wheel Of Fortune might just be the very best. Since its debut on the airwaves in 1975, the popular word-puzzle-based game has been a big hit with TV audiences.

Many fans, however, would likely be stunned by what one contestant, a woman named Caitlin, managed to pull off on the show’s hallowed stage. After a blank puzzle appeared, and her fellow contestant got the buzzer after guessing the letter “R,” she threw out the letter “L.”

Right after that, she did something never before seen on the famous show, and it left host Pat Sajak completely dumbfounded…

Like any game of Wheel Of Fortune, this one started with a lengthy puzzle. The contestants were all obviously eager to get to solving it, which meant that the wheel had to be spun. That’s when the, uh, the games began.


First up was a contestant named Rick. With a strong and confident spin of the Wheel Of Fortune wheel, the game began. He was excited to make a guess, but what he didn’t realize was that he was about to be part of history…


When asked for a letter, Rick went with “R.” It was a solid guess, given the number of letters in the puzzle, but the buzzer signaled that he had not found a matching letter. Of course, he was pretty disappointed. But that feeling would turn to shock in seconds once his competitor, Caitlin, spun the wheel and asked host Pat Sajak a strange question…


When Caitlin spun the wheel, no one knew what they were about to witness. While it wound down to a halt—right on the space labeled $900—it was obvious that Caitlin was very eager to offer a guess. She confidently went with the letter “L.”


…And she was in luck! Smack dab, right in the middle of the puzzle, was a single letter “L.” Since she guessed correctly, she had another shot at spinning. Evidently, however, that was more than enough for Caitlin to do something totally unheard of.


Caitlin said she wanted to solve the puzzle—after only finding a single letter! Pat Sajak was stunned, but he let her go right ahead and guess, and that’s when his jaw really hit the floor…

Is that not completely insane? How does a person go from one letter to solving that whole puzzle? Is Caitlin actually a psychic? So many questions! The best part, though, is the winning phrase. How fitting!

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