When tragedy befalls a family, it’s heartbreaking. If that family is a young couple with their whole lives ahead of them, that heartbreak seems even more unbearable. After all, there’s much more to these situations than the tragic events themselves. There’s so much that the couple may never get to experience, from having children (or grandchildren) to growing old together.

When Danielle Davis’ husband, Matt, was involved in a crippling accident, she was told to let him die; his injuries were far too severe. But Danielle knew the best shot he had of surviving rested with her—and she made a surprising decision that would change both of their lives forever.

Danielle and Matt Davis got married in January 2011. The pair had met and fallen in love the previous year, and although they were quite young, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Danielle was just 23 years old and Matt was 22 when the couple were married in Forsyth, Georgia, only a few months after they had started dating. Clearly, they couldn’t wait any longer to spend the rest of their lives together!

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It was undeniable—Danielle and Matt were completely and utterly in love. Then a heartbreaking tragedy struck the young and happy couple, and their lives would never be the same.

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In July 2011, Matt was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident on his way to work. He’d struck a vehicle that was parked illegally in a merging lane. A car accident of this nature would have been rough enough, but on a motorcycle, it was far worse.

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Matt suffered from traumatic brain injury and multiple broken bones. His injuries were life-threatening, and sadly, this was just the beginning. Something even worse was about to happen that he couldn’t have predicted.

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After nine days in the hospital, Matt’s doctors felt that he had been fighting long enough. They recommended he be taken off of life support, and estimated that his chances of survival were a slim 10 percent.

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Danielle had to make a crucial decision. She was warned that most people in Matt’s condition would barely be able to function independently if they did survive. Many people would’ve seen this as a lose-lose situation.

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Despite the doctors’ advice, Danielle decided she could never give up on her husband. She dedicated herself to his recovery and stayed by his side, day and night. The couple had only just begun their life together, and Danielle was unwilling to give up on the man she loved.

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Matt was allowed to go back home while he remained on life support. The outlook was bleak, though, as his condition showed no improvement for months. He was not walking or doing much of anything on his own.

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On the GoFundMe page that Danielle had set up to assist with Matt’s care, she described his routine as “grueling,” and explained that she and her mother had no choice but to tend to him 24/7 each and every day.

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Matt wasn’t able to perform simple functions—like eating or using the bathroom—on his own, so Danielle and her mother helped him every step of the way. He also needed roughly 20 medications daily, and required assistance to perform vital physical therapy. But Danielle kept remembering the times they shared, like the one before, and she refused to give up.

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Amazingly, after a month at home, something changed in Matt—and he began to open his eyes. This otherwise unremarkable action would prove to be nothing short of a miracle.

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Matt began to follow his beloved wife around the room with his eyes. After months of grieving and painstaking care, Danielle was more than ready to communicate with her husband again.

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One day shortly thereafter, a miraculous thing happened: Matt spoke to Danielle during a therapy session while she was trying to make him move his arm. Danielle said that she felt a mixture of shock and joy.

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Danielle said Matt’s voice was initially more of a whisper than anything else. She handed him his hat, directed him to put it on his head, and exasperated, Matt whispered, “I’m trying!” Danielle was elated.

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This was only the start of Matt’s recovery. He still had a long road to go, despite the huge obstacles he’d already overcome. The last three years were a blur to Matt—he had no memory of his recovery up until that point.

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Matt began to speak again, and his basic physical therapy evolved into tougher exercises to help him regain his motor skills and strength. If he was going to have any hope of getting better, he would need to work hard!

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Only three months after regaining consciousness, Matt was walking again! He still needed the assistance of a walker, but could hold a conversation, crack jokes, sing, and enjoy the company of his loved ones. It was a truly phenomenal recovery in every conceivable way.

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It had been an emotional journey, but Matt continued to show improvement, all thanks to his loving wife, Danielle. However, the couple was struggling with Matt’s medical bills, since his insurance was not covering them entirely.

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Three-and-a-half years after Matt’s accident, Danielle was still by his side, fighting for him each and every day of his life. Hopefully, with enough support from his loved ones, he’ll be back in fighting shape in no time!

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Matt and Danielle’s story is so inspiring. Clearly others were touched by their experience as well, and their GoFundMe fundraiser was a huge success!