There’s not one definite secret to making a marriage work, and successful couples employ a variety of “tricks” to keep their relationships strong. From sticking to an iPad sharing schedule to not fighting after 7 p.m., each couple swears by their own methods for keeping the peace.

One wife, in particular, may have had the best trick yet, and her husband was completely clueless about it the entire time that they were married.

When an elderly woman became ill and was admitted to the hospital, doctors informed her that she didn’t have much longer left to live. So she decided to tell her husband the secret trick she’d been using to keep their marriage together all those years… and it’ll make you laugh!

Couples are always looking for the best way to make their relationships last. This can come in many forms, from allowing each other to pick what they’ll watch on TV to varying the dinner options each night. The best relationships are, indeed, all about compromise.


This elderly couple had been married for many decades and had always gotten along. In fact, as far as they could remember they had never had a fight in all their years together. Things just seemed to make sense for the pair, but only one of them knew why…


The couple never had any loud verbal exchanges because, before her wedding day many years ago, the woman’s grandmother pulled her aside and told her that the secret to a happy marriage was to never argue…

The young bride took her grandmother’s advice to heart from that day on, and through the years into their retirement, things went well for her and her new husband. Even when they got annoyed with each other, they always made sure to talk out their problems instead of letting them fester.

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The couple had shared everything and been very open with one another, but the woman’s husband was always forbidden from looking inside a certain shoe box at the top of her closet—and he was told never to even ask about it.

old-shoe-boxFlickr // Robert of Fairfax

When the elderly woman eventually fell ill, doctors told her that she would not have a long time left to live. She knew that if she passed away without ever telling her husband what she kept in the secret shoe box, it would break his heart.

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So she decided to tell her husband what her secret to keeping their marriage together had been after all those blissful years. She instructed him to get the box and take a look inside, and he would finally know what secret she had been keeping from him all those years…

What he found were two dolls—along with a staggering $95,000 in cash! His wife then told him that the reason they never argued was because every time she got angry with him, she would crochet a doll. He was speechless.


He became so moved that he was brought to tears. She had only been angry with him twice in all of their years together! But then he remembered all of the money. “That explains the dolls, but what about the money?” he asked.

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“Oh,” she said with a wry smile. “That’s the money I made from selling the other dolls.” He couldn’t believe it. His wife made a joke at such a serious time and that’s exactly how he remembered what he loved so much about her!


That’s certainly one way to make a marriage work! It should go without saying that humor is also one of the keys to a long-lasting marriage.

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