Winter is almost here, which means the wind is picking up and our winter gear is coming out of storage. Pretty soon, it’ll be the perfect time to hit the slopes.

Before you plan your first ski trip of the season, it’s important to make sure that you’re properly outfitted. For most folks, that means going out and finding a nice pair of gloves and a cool hat.

Even if you don’t ski, you can still appreciate these incredibly detailed animal ski masks. Created by 22-year-old Russian tattoo artist Teya Salat, these balaclavas won’t just keep your face warm this winter—they’ll drive your friends wild!

For years, a Russian artist named Teya Salat has made a living designing and inking her very own tattoos. In addition to that, she’s also worked as a tattoo model, putting her own ink on display! Recently, however, she decided to take her career in a new direction…

Teya recently decided to try something different: fashion design. She realized that the balaclava could use a much-needed update, and what she came up with was super-special and truly unique to her style.

01-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

Now, her animal-themed balaclavas are everywhere! People can’t seem to get enough of these hilarious ski masks, and it’s not hard to see why. Talk about a totally purrfect transformation on the slopes, right?

02-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

These masks are so cool that people are wearing them just about everywhere. Some folks are even wearing their masks indoors; that’s how much of a kick they are getting out of their new purchases. It turns out that they’re not just for skiing!

03-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

This girl almost looks like a convincing real life panda bear, doesn’t she? The only things giving away her human nature are those quite expertly applied human lady eyebrows… and the fact that she is skiing.


Nope, nothing to see here folks. It’s just your average lion in winter, taking a selfie, using a selfie stick just like he’s got opposable thumbs and a smartphone of his own. No big deal. Seriously. Keep your eyes on the slopes!

05-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

Grumpy cat! You have to admit that this probably exactly the face a cat would make if he woke up to discover that he was on the top of a chilly, snowy mountain and that he was expected to ski himself back down again.

06-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

So foxy! Dressing up like an animal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking cute. Check out the way she’s working her fox ski mask. It makes you wonder if all the other foxes on the mountain will be checking her out?

07-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

Seeing designs like these makes it pretty hard not to go out and immediately buy a mask like this for yourself. You don’t need to do extreme sports to look extremely cool, and this tiger mask is proof of that.

08-teya-salat-animal-ski-masksTeya Salat

This was Teya’s first foray into the fashion world, and it has been nothing short of a total success. If this was just her first project, can you imagine how awesome all of her others will be? It will be so cool to see what she creates next!

If you’d like to channel your inner animal, visit Teya’s website and Facebook page for more info. We sure can’t wait to bust these out once the snow starts to fall!

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