Plenty of conspiracy theories throughout history have tried to explain the “real” backstories of some very monumental events. The moon landing, the assassination of President Kennedy, and even the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, have all been the subjects of supposed government cover-ups (at least, according to conspiracy theorists).

The internet has allowed for these kinds of theories and rumors to spread like wildfire. All it takes is someone with a crazy idea and a social media reach to share a wealth of unsubstantiated knowledge that many other users gobble up as truth. While these theories may be just that—unsubstantiated knowledge—it doesn’t make them any less interesting to consider.

Here are the 12 of the strangest conspiracy theories circling the internet right now. Do you believe them?

1. Melania Trump has a doppelgänger: During a televised White House press conference in October 2017, some people hopped onto Twitter to call into question the authenticity of the First Lady who was standing behind the President during his speech. Some people believe Melania has a look-alike who attends important functions with the President.

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2. J.K. Rowling doesn’t exist: It’s hard to buy into this theory since this author has given very real speeches and attended very real events. However, Norwegian filmmaker Nina Grünfeld claims that the Harry Potter series was a collaborative effort written by many writers, and the woman we know to be J.K. Rowling is a front for the group.

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3. Finland isn’t an actual country: In 2015, a Reddit user who goes by the name “Raregans” suggested that the country we all know as Finland is actually a fabricated landmass created by the Japanese and Soviet Union during the Cold War to secure fishing rights in the Baltic Sea. The citizens of “Finland,” according to Raregans, actually belong to Sweden, Estonia, and Russia.

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4. Justin Bieber belongs an elite group of reptiles who run the world: This one sounds straight up outrageous. In 2016, a Public Policy Polling survey found that nearly 12 million people believe Earth is actually ruled by a species of reptiles who can transform into human beings, and Justin Bieber belongs to this elite group.

5. Queen Elizabeth is a cannibal: How exactly does the Queen of England manage to stay so active and vivacious at such an elderly age? British historian Hubert Humdinger claims it’s because she must be consuming human flesh! In 2012, a website called Dear Dirt America supposedly “confirmed” Humdinger’s theory after an employee at Windsor Castle allegedly discovered human remains in the Queen’s private freezer.

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6. The Ice Bucket Challenge was designed by Satan: Throughout 2014, it seemed like everyone was getting on board with the Internet’s Ice Bucket Challenge. Several people online, however, claimed the ALS benefit challenge was actually a ritual purification cleansing for history’s largest human sacrifice, passed down to the Illuminati by none other than Satan himself.

7. NASA is hiding a second sun from us: In 2016, NASA reported the discovery of Planet 9, but an astronomer named Paul Cox claimed the “planet” was actually a second sun, and NASA just didn’t want anyone to know the truth.

NASA / Solar Dynamics Observatory

8. The Obamas had Joan Rivers killed: InfoWars host Alex Jones thought up this bizarre theory in 2016. He claimed that, after comedienne Joan Rivers joked that Michelle Obama was a transgender woman, the Obamas didn’t take kindly to her humor, and they had her assassinated.

9. Earth is flat: Believe it or not, there is an entire sect of people who are absolutely convinced the Earth is completely flat. There are tons of YouTube channels and sub-Reddits dedicated to the beliefs of these “flat-Earthers.”

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10. The Israeli government owns evil, GPS-equipped sharks: In 2010, there were a string of deadly shark attacks off the coast of Egypt. After an official blamed Israel’s government for the deaths, theories spread online claiming Israel owned evil, GPS-equipped sharks that were sent to kill the residents of Egypt.

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11. The United Nations is planning to kill us all: Agenda 21 is a United Nations-backed sustainable development plan that has faced years of suspicious criticism. A large part of the Internet believes Agenda 21 is actually the Illuminati’s plan to annihilate most of Earth’s population.

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12. Ted Cruz is Robert Kardashian: This theory states that Robert Kardashian never died in 2003, and in order to completely sever ties with the rest of the Kardashian clan, he entered the world of politics under the guise of Ted Cruz.

Some of these theories are truly difficult to get behind. Before you choose to believe them, always do your own extensive research.

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