Sometimes, we find the most interesting of things in the most unexpected of places. There’s no shortage of people with stories about recovering long-lost valuables hiding in their attics or rare coins tucked between sofa cushions.

It’s amazing to think about the kinds of things that you can find when you’re not actually looking for them, too. One Imgur user experienced this firsthand while constructing a beautiful wine cellar with his boss.

They had been using old bricks—but they had no idea one of them held a surprising secret…

“So this is a wine cellar that my boss and I built last summer,” wrote Imgur user daggerleep in a post simply titled “I found something neat.” That would turn out to be quite the understatement!

1-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“Here’s the other side,” he continued. “It was built with local sandstone and reclaimed brick.” It’s clear that there was quite a bit of craftsmanship on display here, as rustic as the cellar may seem.

2-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“Here is one of the reclaimed bricks with a partial stamp.” What could those strange symbols possibly mean? They certainly didn’t spell out a word, so what was the purpose here?

3-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“The other part of the stamp.” One could only imagine how confused and intrigued the Imgur user must’ve been to see these strange markings on the brick.

4-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“I did some research to find where and when these bricks came from,” said the man. “It’s quite impressive seeing as though the wine cellar is on Vancouver Island.”

5-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

As amazing as it was that he found any information at all, he was about to discover something even more enlightening! “One day I reached for a brick only to have the end of it fall off, revealing…”

6-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“…what I’m assuming is some poor factory worker’s house key. Either that or I am about to embark on an adventure as grand as National Treasure 2,” he joked. It’s crazy that something as valuable as a key would be hidden in a brick!


Hopefully, if this guy really does embark upon an adventure worthy of a Nicholas Cage movie, he’ll keep us updated! Regardless, the mere fact that he found such an old key in a brick, of all things, is pretty unbelievable.

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