There’s nothing more exciting for a child than seeing magic tricks. When you’re young, it’s so much easier to believe that a grown man has the power to pull a rabbit out of a hat, find pieces of loose change behind your ear, or to steal your nose, for instance.

However, once you get older, it’s harder to be fooled by the tricks magicians bring to the table. After all, adults are well aware that there’s always a trap door or a secret trick that helps the magician perform his illusions.

That said, there are still some that can take your breath away, no matter how old and jaded you might be. This amazing magic trick doesn’t require any fairy dust—just a few simple household items and an understanding of science. Your friends will be so impressed!

Everyone is always looking for the perfect way to entertain their guests at a party, and what better way to do that than with a mesmerizing party trick? It can’t be just any phony baloney trick, though. It has to be good. Very good…


You don’t need to be a pro at performing magic tricks to take everyone’s breath away with this neat little experiment! But there are a couple of things you will need in order to pull it off. First: get an ordinary wine glass.

1-wine-vacuum Flickr/SeRVePhotography

You’ll also need a small votive candle and something to light it. You can likely pick these types of supplies up at local craft store. Be sure not to substitute it with a tapered candle, because, unfortunately, the trick just won’t work that way.


The candle needs to be short in height and have a wide base in order for this trick to be successful. And, let’s be honest: if you’re trying to impress people at a dinner or casual party, you’re going to want to do the trick in a professional manner.

2-wine-vacuum Flickr/WorldClick

For the next step to completing this trick, you’ll need some wine. The color doesn’t matter—both red and white wine will work the same way. For this trick, red wine definitely has a more dramatic effect, so keep that in mind!


Make sure you have a full glass of the stuff when you perform the trick. You’ll see why this is an integral step in just a second, but for now, fill that glass as closely to the brim as humanly possible! Don’t be shy, and you’ll see why…

3-wine-vacuumFlickr/Subdipta Nath

Finally, find yourself a plate or a saucer. You’ll probably want to start off with a plate when doing this the first couple of times until you get the hang of it. Learning to get it down pat before you move on is essential for any magic trick.


Make sure that the plate you choose for this trick doesn’t have a pattern on it, or if it does, that the pattern is just around the edges, like the one below. This is key, and you don’t want to forget it!

4-wine-vacuumFlickr/David Valenzuela

By now, you should have all of the items you need to perform this stellar illusion for any and all of your guests! You’re lucky, because most of the items are easily found at any dinner party, so you won’t have to waste any time finding the propers ones.


Get ready to impress your guests with this amazingly incredible trick. See how all of the wine magically appears back in side of the glass? That’s exactly why your friends are going to be so blown away by this!

Cheers to this! Do you think you’d ever try this at your next dinner party or at a bar? Hopefully, you’ll be rewarded with free drinks for life!

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