Getting your wisdom teeth removed is almost like a rite of passage. They are called “wisdom teeth” for a reason, after all. That’s because they finish developing when most people are in their late teens or early twenties—when they’re (supposedly) “wise.”

It’s a painful process, though, so it’s almost always necessary to administer anesthesia as the procedure is performed. Naturally, patients can be a bit loopy once the operation is complete.

That was certainly the case with a girl named Anna, who was shocked to wake up and find her mouth numb and wisdom teeth missing. You won’t want to miss the crazy things that she said!

After having her wisdom teeth removed, a teenaged girl named Anna was driving home with her father when she started to feel a bit strange.

Clearly, she was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia.

As a result, she said some pretty nonsensical things… and they were truly hilarious!

Watch what she says once she realizes she can feel the holes where her teeth used to be…

No, Anna, you are not a “vampire surgeon,” but that does sound like a great idea for a medical drama/horror series. Can’t you imagine how much better Grey’s Anatomy would be if one of the characters was Dracula with a degree in medicine?

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