Going to the beach has to be everyone’s favorite way to relax and unwind. Think about it: what could be better than spending all day with your toes in the warm sand and the ocean breeze on your face?

Sometimes, however, that relaxing day you planned doesn’t go exactly like you thought it would. In fact, it can be exactly the opposite—even life-threatening!

For one sunbather, what was supposed to be a serene trip to the beach almost ended in tragedy. And when you see why, you might think twice about making that your vacation destination…

When most people decide to take an impromptu day trip to the beach, it’s usually because they’re in need of good old-fashioned rest and relaxation. Staring out at the rolling ocean waves while catching some rays is enough to calm anyone’s mind, after all!


And no matter whether they go all by themselves or bring friends, they know they’re in for a serene experience. It’s as if lying under the sun and listening to the crashing waves instantaneously makes you forget all of life’s annoying problems.

1Alper Çuğun / Flickr

Unfortunately, even when it seems like your perfect beach day is going swimmingly, it can all change in an instant. Whether you forgot your sunscreen (ouch!) or you spot an enormous thundercloud rolling in overhead, there are plenty of ways that things can go wrong. Usually, though, they’re not life-threatening…

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One beachgoer almost wasn’t so lucky recently. Expecting to enjoy a perfectly fine day under the sun, she’d set up her towel on an isolated strip of sand and pebbles with the protection of the cliffs behind her and the ocean stretching out in front of her. The weather was beautiful, she had the day off, and all she wanted was to treat herself to a good book and some snacks. That’s when it all came crashing down—literally.


Suddenly, the woman heard a loud rumbling coming from above her. She wasn’t sure what it could have been considering that there were no storm clouds in the sky. She was the only person on this particular section of the beach, too, so there’s no way it was a drum circle or anything like that.


That’s when she suddenly realized what was happening right beside her. Massive boulders from the top of the cliffs behind her had started to crack and tumble down the rock face right onto the beach… and right up next to her!


She barely had time to react. Within seconds, thousands of pounds of rock and stone came crashing down within 50 feet of where she was still sitting on her towel. It was followed by a monstrous plume of dust and debris rising and filling the beach.


Understandably, the woman was shocked—and terrified. She immediately jumped up from her towel and, gathering her possessions in her arms as fast as she could, she raced toward the opposite end of the beach, where she sought help from other beachgoers.


So what caused the massive rocks to fall? As it turned out, the boulders that were resting atop the cliffs were loose, and all it took was for one of them to slightly dislodge for the rest to follow suit. This woman was incredibly lucky that she wasn’t sitting just 50 feet closer to the cliff!

3vicki watkins / Flickr

Hopefully, the beach officials will put signs like this one all around the area. People need to know that if they decide to sunbathe somewhere, they could potentially be risking their lives doing so. Surely that woman is still thanking her lucky stars that she was far enough from the rocks to be able to escape!

4snowmentality / Flickr

It’s terrifying how easily this woman’s relaxing day at the beach could have ended in tragedy. It’s a good thing she paid attention at the last minute!

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