Samantha Smith of England was stunned to learn that she was fighting a battle against her own body. After a visit to the doctor, the 30-year-old mother of two received some horrifying news: she needed surgery fast, or else it’d be too late to save her.

Just what was happening exactly? Well, Samantha was suffering from a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and another named Craniocervical Instability (CCI). Though rare, these conditions were going to require £200,000—or nearly $259,000—worth of surgery.

Why was that? Because they meant that she was being internally decapitated…

For 30-year-old Samantha Smith of England, life was going pretty well. A psychotherapist and a mother of two, she seemed the perfect picture of health. That’s when her doctors suddenly told her she only had a month to live.


The reason was linked to the genetic conditions she suffered from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Craniocervical Instability (CCI), which had been causing her health to decline rapidly.


Samantha’s EDS, a connective tissue disorder, and CCI were weakening the muscles in her neck and making it difficult for her to support her own head. In turn, specialists told her some horrifying news: that she was slowly being “internally decapitated.”


Essentially, the EDS led to a lack of tissue support in the neck, which eventually caused her to develop CCI. Prior to this, Samantha had been misdiagnosed eight times. But it wasn’t these conditions exactly that were leading doctors to say she had only one month to live…


According to a specialist in Barcelona—one of only three doctors worldwide who had the skills necessary to save Samantha—she was also suffering from Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI). This meant that the top two vertebrae in her neck were unstable.


Thus, at any moment, Samantha’s body could shut down, and cause her to “internally decapitate.” Worse still, Samantha needed £200,000—or close to $259,000—in order to afford the complex surgery that might be able to save her life.


Now, Samantha and her family are desperately hoping to raise enough money for her surgery before it’s too late. Ideally, she would travel to America to see one of those three doctors who can pull it off, even though the procedure costs more in United States.


To have any shot at reaching such a hefty price tag, Samantha and her family set up a donation page where people can help her meet her goal—and save her life. Currently, she is about short by about £50,000 (or about $65,000).


If she can’t raise enough money to go to America, she hopes to at least have the surgery done in Barcelona. Either way, Samantha’s time is running out fast, and she needs all of the help she can get.


Hopefully, Samantha is able to reach her goal and receive the treatment she needs in the United States before the unthinkable happens. Listening to her explain her situation, it becomes obvious just how dire her situation is…

It’s so awful that Samantha has to do so much to get the surgery that she needs to live. Hopefully, she gets help before it’s too late. As a reminder, here is the link to the donation page.

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