Winter weather presents all sorts of challenges, from dangerous driving conditions to shoveling all that snow from your driveway and sidewalks. Sometimes, though, simply standing on ice is enough!

That was what Seattle resident Caroline Charter discovered when she watched her sister struggle to get into her car on their parents’s icy driveway in Ontario, Canada the day after Christmas. Her video is now going viral, and for good reason: we can all definitely relate to this poor woman.

Caroline Charter watched with delight as her sister, Suzanne, did everything she could to climb into her car on an icy driveway at their parents’ house in Ontario, Canada.

1-icy-drivewayFacebook / Caroline Charter

Even with help from their dad, it was still a challenge.

2-icy-drivewayFacebook / Caroline Charter

Their mom’s laughter in the background, though, is the best part!

3-icy-drivewayFacebook / Caroline Charter

You have to see—and hear—this for yourself!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Caroline was quick to point out that the “…car has winter tires, nobody was drunk, her boots are Sorels, and the roads were salted and gritted so driving was perfectly safe.” It’s good that we can all laugh guilt-free at this hilarious video—and their mom’s infectious laughter is even available on iTunes as a ringtone, with a portion of the proceeds going toward raising awareness for mental health and depression.

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